Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: When Daisy Met Swanny

True Believers, all.

We’re getting close.

My comments last week regarding 2011 being “a pretty disastrous season” were challenged by Mr Smith on The Footy Almanac website.  I acknowledged in my reply that he was absolutely correct.  We only lost three games that season.  Unfortunately all of those were to the same Club – Geelong, and they included the GF loss. Given my family background (one sister, three Geelong-supporting brothers and eight years at school in Geelong) I can’t see being beaten by Geelong three times in a season as anything but disastrous.

So how do we measure Success? In the Eight? In the Top Four? Making the GF? Beating Essendon and Carlton during the season?

I’d like to add ‘Beating Geelong during the season’ as another key measure of success. Anyway isn’t winning the GF the objective we all aim for; at least before and during the season? What is the measure of success you will apply to the season?  Me? I’m with Eddie (see below); I’m after the Premiership.


This weekend:
The outing to Bendigo – ‘the olde enemy’, Carlton.

I understand the ground will hold 10,000 and seats are selling fast. Get on-line quickly if you are going.  Is anyone going – it’s pretty close to Melbourne (almost commuting distance these days).  If you are we would welcome a report to us all after the event.

I’m not fussed about the result – it is after all another practice match.  I’m more interested in the individual performances and a bit of nascent ‘teamwork’.  Pendles and Swanny both back; Trav due for a run.  The squads are available HERE.  What are we looking for?  A multi-pronged avenue to goal, domination around the ball-ups and bounces, attacking drive out of the Backline and pressure, pressure and pressure across the ground.  Oh yeah, it would be good to see Daisy under-perform, again. Here’s a reminder of  “When Daisy met Swanny“.  Naughty, naughty; I don’t remember; did anything come of ‘that elbow’?

Coverage:  Fox Footy.  Find a friend with Fox.


Know your team:
Forwards.  A great summary by Ben Guthrie of “where our goals will come from in 2015” . Worth a read.


The ‘Best Players’:  Check out who the players think are at their best in the following grabs from’s Top 50 Players Countdown HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE. There’s a few surprises.

Reid Watch: Reid (plus maybe Witts) set to return in a VFL practice match this weekend. We’ll see how we go but our VFL side last year was a huge club strength, giving us enormous depth (which we ultimately badly needed). We try and keep a watch on performances in the Twos as we go. Darcy Moore might get a run in Game three.

Eddie Watch:  The ultimate optimist: I love it!  Watch Eddie in full flight.  Worth a watch!

Joint Coaches Post-game Press Conferences:  Fox Footy is offering $500k to the AFLCA if they introduce joint Coaches’ press conferences after the games.  It isn’t often that I agree with Mick Malthouse these days, but I do here. Regardless of the majority of support for the concept the key drawback is that you will have one winner and one loser at the table at the same time. Interesting, but not necessarily particularly useful or fair.


NAB FAQ. Thank you for the responses about my NAB Challenge questions.  If you’re looking for a ‘Dummies Guide’ to the NAB Challenge, Fairfax’s Daniel Cherney has this handy guide for you. .


Thanks to those who have commented, so far.


Go Pies.


  1. David Metrikis says

    Hi True Believers,

    We all tend to expect a premiership win every year of all our teams and personally.. I’d be happy with that but the Australian tradition of ripping down tall poppies would be depressing.

    I’ve just checked Ticketmaster and Rd 1 looks close to a sell-out here in Brisbane so probably destined to catch that one on the tele, unless I can secure some tickets via the Cricketers Club, here’s hoping!

    I look forward to a victory over Carlton, they are always so sweet.

    Go the pies

  2. Matthew Sherwood says

    True believers,

    For the first time ever, I am going to disagree with you Cam – a match against Carlton is always something important. I don’t care if its a Grand Final, a club round, a pre season match or a game of darts at the local RSL between Swanny and Daisy, we must always beat Carlton regardless of what it is and I’d be horrified if we don’t. I’m not too worried though, because Carlton are crap and it is rather pathetic MM coming out saying that Daisy is still one of the best players in the league. Sorry Mick he ain’t.

    What I’m looking for this match is two-fold: how Greenwood works inside with Pendles and Swanny – this will be key to us winning the clearances, which was a bit lacking last year and just as important is how Trav, White, Gault and Karnezis work together – as they may be able to take the second defender away from Trav and give him much more opportunity to win the mark in the 50 metre line, with Elliot and Fasolo acting as the goal sneaks. Also interested to see how Varcoe (BOG again? well his game would have to improve from last week), Crisp and De Goey perform after solid efforts against the Hawks.

    As for the year, the aim is always the same – flag number 16. I have an impression that the team are all Buckley-believers now and if they remain clicked in, we can be top four and push for the flag. So I’m with Eddie and Cam – it is better to aim to high and fail, than the aim too low and succeed.

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