by Oscar O’Brien

Year 4A, Gray St Primary, Hamilton, Victoria.



Did you hear about Cadel, racing through the Arc de Triomphe?

He’s been in and out the papers for round about a month

His teammates, friends and family think him a pretty nice bloke

Don’t think any Aussie would think him a bit of a joke.

But there’s one thing I’ve been wondering – if someone could just tell

There is this little question about how they all would smell.

Twenty-one days of riding through Paris and all around France

I’d hate to get a whiff of Cadel’s underpants!



  1. johnharms says


    Thanks for your poem. You must have been thinking about that for a long time – at least 21 days.

    Also, I like your initials: OOB (In golf that means Out Of Bounds)


  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    Well done Oscar – funny poem. How do the cyclists go to the toilet when they are riding for hours at a time without a break? Do you know?

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