Poetry: Cadel!



by Oscar O’Brien

Year 4A, Gray St Primary, Hamilton, Victoria.



Did you hear about Cadel, racing through the Arc de Triomphe?

He’s been in and out the papers for round about a month

His teammates, friends and family think him a pretty nice bloke

Don’t think any Aussie would think him a bit of a joke.

But there’s one thing I’ve been wondering – if someone could just tell

There is this little question about how they all would smell.

Twenty-one days of riding through Paris and all around France

I’d hate to get a whiff of Cadel’s underpants!



  1. “France and underpants” is the rhyme of the year. Well done Oscar. Cadel’s Tour de France win is my favourite sporting memory.

  2. Cat from the Country says

    Good work Oscar.
    Keep writing

  3. It’s Tour de France time again Oscar. What about another poem for the winner?

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