Caddy settles on choice of clubs

A highlights package  of new Geelong recruit Josh Caddy is available here.


  1. The young ‘Caddy Cat’ will fit in well with that other litter of kittens in Balme’s basket.

    It is very satisfying to:

    1) pinch a good one back from Gold Coast after they spirited young Gazza away, and (Smedts and Caddy now if I am correct), and;

    2) pinch one from under the noses of the Essendon pick pockets.

  2. Looks like he can play a bit. Probably nowhere near as good as the Q stick though.

  3. Cookie,

    ‘great minds think a like’, or is it ‘fools never differ’?

    That Wells is as cunning as a lavatory rodent. Three 1st round picks from the 2010 draft and we didn’t tank.

    (Oh, and a premiership since)

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    Hate to interrupt the Catmanackers’ indulgence, but Phantom, may I suggest you now rename your weekender on the coast? What about…. Caddyshack?

    Try the veal.

  5. AF – love it.

  6. There sure were some strange looking hombres running around there one night in early June Andrew; and we hadn’t even used any ‘oregano’.

    So they weren’t thylacines; they were gophers.

  7. Go Cadders! Sounds alright to me.

  8. With old Chappy still on the list they needed a Caddy to carry his bags. He should be on the Seniors Tour with Scarlo, Otto and Lingy.

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