Bruce Dawe: A Poet remembered


Vin Maskell, good friend of the Almanac, and operator of sister site Stereo Stories, on learning  of Bruce Dawe’s passing  has provided links for the Almanac to share of two previously published pieces by  Vin as a tribute to this outstanding poet. 


Life cycle, for Bruce Dawe and Paul Kelly. (Essay, First published in The Age, August 2017)


For Vin,

“….Dawe quickly became a teenager’s hero alongside Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Skyhooks, J.D. Salinger and Joseph Heller. The book travelled from school-bag to hitch-hiker’s back-pack to the glove-box of my first car. On my wedding day a friend read, ‘Homo Suburbiensis’. For an inexperienced poet, Dawe was an inspiration. So many poems so close to home….”


Vin wrote the following poem as a tribute of his love for the poetry of Bruce Dawe.


Summer Sellout (Poem, First published in The Bulletin, 1981)



More stories about Bruce Dawe on the site can be found HERE



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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    I think I will need to revisit Bruce Dawe and his poetry once more, its been a while since I’ve done that! Your articles have helped to inspire me to dig out a book or two, if I can kind them! Thanks Vin, I enjoyed your stories very much.

  2. Thanks for opening my eyes, Vin.
    I am a fan of both Kelly and Dawe, but have never made any connection until now.

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