Bradman Oration: Delivered by G C J D Haigh

From Youtube. via Cricket Australia:

The Bradman Oration.


  1. Luke Ridgwell says

    What a brilliant speech. Makes you realise that we are all in the same boat when it comes to the toil of local cricket administration and fighting with councils.

    Hard to know without being in the room, but did anyone else sense a lack of enthusiasm in Gideon’s speech from the audience? A lack of laughter at certain points and a half hearted take up of the toast. Perhaps cricket’s elite don’t share his appreciation of grass roots cricket

    On a brighter note, anyone that has played park cricket can appreciate the sentiment that “he’s a dickhead, but he’s our dickhead”

  2. Good point, Luke.
    This is a wonderful speech. Thoughtful, humourous and pointed.

    But there is a definite sense that some of those in the room were more interested in summoning the waitress to deliver another bottle of shiraz.

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