Boxing Day Test: Call for Writers

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Dear Almanackers,

Boof and I have the lads in hard training here in Melbourne.  We are wondering what to do about the lineup,  First in best dressed seems the only way to go, so nominations please (and please make sure you list which days you can cover).

Who will actually be at the game?  Would love to get reports from those taking in the atmosphere of the ‘G.

Mickey Randall is flying in to bowl off spin for the poms.  He said he wanted to see the All Nations while he was in Melbourne, and Andy Flower immediately signed him up.  Still its a step up from XXXX Gold salesman.

It’s hard to change a winning lineup, but new voices are always welcome.  And old – Tony Roberts, MOC, Dips – can we get you in on home soil?

We are a happy team here at Team Invers.

Invers Watto

Watto is good for the next 3 series after his Perth century.  The goat rumours are unfounded, but he does laugh at my jokes.

Thanks for all the support from the Almanac community.  I know it has been a team effort, but without my leadership and strategic direction we would still be struggling.

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Seasons greetings to all.  Looking forward to your posts.






  1. I’ll be there for the first 3 days, probably better off though trying to get something in on either Days 2 or 3.

  2. Boxing Day free, old boy? I’ve never opened before.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Available at your beck and call , Invers Boxing day is the preference cmon the Knackery let’s go for the jugular if we can force a couple more of the all nations side to abandon ship were looking good for the forfeit in , Sydney

  4. Invers,
    Happy to bat in the middle and/or lower order.
    Days 4 or 5.
    Yours sincerely,
    P.S. Micky Arthur sends his regards.

  5. Mickey Randall says

    BBQ, family, BBQ, family, friends, family, and parenting have backed me into a corner. Can I open on Boxing Day? I have been promised full TV and couch access at my parents-in-laws’!

  6. Invers, I am a team man and will go where the team requres me to be. I don’t think of myself, I only do what’s right for my mates. It’s all about us, not me. I am intesreted in the collective good of Australian cricket.

    Having said that, my Brut 33 obligations and getting my hair done mean that I will only do Day 4.

    Watto’s best mate Faded

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Invers, I will definitely be there at the ‘G on Day 2. Possibly day 3 as well.

  8. Peter Flynn says

    Would Swann have retired if it was any other scoreline e.g. England 3-0 up?

    Swann’s tuned it up.

    It’s got a bit too hard.

    Attacking right-handers from 3-7, bouncy wickets (batting and bowling) etc.

  9. Peter Flynn says

    That should read, Swann’s turned it up.

  10. Malcolm Ashwood says

    More than happy to do any day , Invers and Flynny if , Swan had been defending
    Aust when , Japan invaded , Hiroshima would be opening for us
    Wonder if he had been told he was going to be dropped ?

  11. Happy to any day preferably Day 1 or 2

  12. Good question to ponder Rulebook.



  13. Will be attending Day 3

  14. I definitely think Swann was going to be dropped in favour of Panesar
    and so decided to pull the pin to save some face. With the management’s
    blessing, of course.

    Agree Flynny, it’s a bit tougher when the wickets are not prepared to suit.

  15. Happy to contribute to Day 5, from the beach. Cheers

    Who are we playing again?

  16. When the going gets tough, some take their bat and ball and go home! I won’t be sad to see swann go, more so for his annoying batting than his bowling. How many times did he edge over gully or just clear the cover fieldsman with a back away slog and whilst we’re cursing he is suddenly 30 off 30 and their 300 became 400.

  17. Invers, I can do the Test review…

  18. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Invers has a batting order been decided ? thanks

  19. Merry Christmas Invers,
    Day 3 is best.
    A family Christmas function rules me out for Day 1.
    But I have myself a ticket for Day 3.
    Rgds, E.regnans, with Clarrie Grimmett

  20. About to declare the innings closed here in Perth after a long hot day in the field. The visitors put up a strong showing but we fought them off.

    Day 1: Dips (have the Irish ever beaten England in a Test?)
    Mickey Randall (the King of Tiger beer hot off the plane from Sinkers)
    Raj Singh (to complete our multicultural opening day)

    Day 2: Malcolm ‘Rulebook/Chappelli’ Ashwood (I have a hangover and a long drive arranged for boxing day so will be in no state for editing on Thursday; but will have freshened up for Day 2)
    Luke Reynolds and Mick Jeffrey – our men on the spot at the ‘G.

    Day 3: A Else – from the Ponsford Stand
    E Regnans (the selectors waited until the last minute, but he assures me that Clarrie Grimmett has pulled up well from his trot back across the Nullarbor)

    Day 4:Smokie Dawson and Sean ‘Faded’ Curtains (I have had to split up ‘Mark’ and ‘Steve’ as there was a nasty fight over who got the Nintendo under the tree this morning. Santa is reported to be ‘off the critical list’. Very competitive those boys.)

    Day 5: Rick Kane has been drunk since late September. He says he plans to be sober by new year. We shall see.
    Iron Mike (the builder’s friend) will be doing a match wrap.

    I am hopeful that PJ Flynn; JT Harms or myself will grace the page at some stage during the Test. But we have each had a long campaign and are under hard riding on the turn.

    Thanks for all your wisdom, wit and drivel this year and this series. My next post will be from the far south coast of WA; where AE and I are hiding from work and relatives among the giant karri trees and even larger chardonnay bottles.


  21. Day 5 report for Invers and Almanac:

    It’s party time! Why wait until NYE or Orstrayia Day? Party time has arrived. The Poms are dead and there’s one test to go. One tip for one and all. Comments during a test (such as Clarke is a dill for putting the Poms in first) are redundant. Let it go. I think our boys know what’s happening and what to do. Do, party on like its 2013!

  22. Mr Kane – like Piers Morgan I fear you have gone the distant crow. Things are all too easy for you Hawks supporters at the moment.
    You are opening the battening in Sydney.
    Bring your groin protector.

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