Borough Sting Scorpions

What a proud footy club the Borough is. One of only two stand alone clubs in the VFL, the other being Frankston, providing you don’t count Geelong and Collingwood, This year they are making every week a winning week. Undefeated at the end of the home and away, which is a first for the club.  On Saturday they take on Springvale, now known as the Casey Scorpions for the first qualifying final at their home ground, the North Port Oval.

It’s a clear sunny day but really windy, the wind blows right almost across the ground, maybe favouring the light rail end, but not a lot in it. Port resplendent in the crimson and royal blue stripes a jumper they have worn for well over a century, Scorpions  a mish mash of  many motifs and advertising symbols, but basically navy blue ,white and red.The old Springvale jumper was navy blue, a white SFC monogram with red collar and cuffs. There is a big crowd in for this game, both clubs have the runs on the board so it should be a cracker of a contest.

The Scorpions matched every Port move early in the first quarter and even though the Borough had the advantage of the scoring end by quarter time  Casey  was only two points behind . Casey took the lead and extended it to ten early in the second quarter . Mid way through the term, an member of the public had a difference of opinion with some supporters and the police,  and as he was being removed from the ground he accused another spectator  with red hair of “smirking “at him.  The spectator was not amused and suggested his hair was “strawberry blond not red “. This disgruntled, soon to be ejected spectator, yelled back,”I’d rather be kicked out of a footy ground than have to stand next to a red head like you”. This incident seem to have an effect on Casey and Port slammed on four goals late in the quarter to lead by twenty one  points at half time.

Having a cleansing at half time in the Port Bar under the historic grandstand, is like stepping back into history. The walls are covered with Port teams dating back over eighty years. Strong men from the wharves, from the railways and a multitude of labouring jobs, stand shoulder to shoulder, proud to represent this  great football club. When Bert and I emerge, Port have taken charge and are scoring at will, in fact they piled on eight goals five to Casey’s three points. Casey couldn’t do a thing right ,and one of the team with a moustache was accused of having a “caterpillar” on his top lip every time he came near the boundary. Some of the spectators had me in stitches with their comments which continued non stop throughout the game.

Joining the crowd to listen to the three quarter  huddle, Gary Ayres the coach of Port , was demanding another thirty minutes  of accountable football. “Crackers” Kennan the ruck coach looked pretty relaxed on the outskirts of the huddle joking with some Port officials.  I’m sure none of the coaches were disappointed, the Borough were relentless with pressure and a skilful display of footy. They added another seven goals four to Casey’s three goals two and ran out winners by over ninety points.

Port have the week off and I’m hoping they make history by going through the season and winning the flag. What a great victory it would be for a stand alone club in this day and age of footy.



  1. Rod,
    Tom and I were down at North Port on sunday for the Preston v Bendigo game. thought there may have been a minute’s silence as it was so quiet pre-bounce…needs those Borough regulars to generate some feeling. The standard was middling but the contest was interesting. One big compl;aint…rather than bugging tom by spending the day asking “Who is that?”, we bought some Records. Many of the players were not listed. TV watchers tell me numbers were even changed mid match. Why should those at the ground be so greatly disadvantaged. How could I have been duped to pay for a fraudulent sheet? Not good enough. I love going down there, but, gee, they test your resolve. I hope Willy can somehow come good in september and put North Ballarat and Port away.

  2. Rod – If Port Melbourne can replicate what they showed in the second half of Saturday’s game it would take a phenominal effort from any of the remaining teams to roll them. Williamstown must have been terrific yesterday to despose of the reigning champs by 10 goals. Don’t dismiss anyone whilst they’ve got a pulse, especially the Roosters.

    Crio – Similar problem on Saturday with a few names missing from the list. Shame as the VFL have made major strides with the Record this season.


  3. Yeah, Mic, but I only want an old fashioned team sheet!

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