Almanac Book Release: ‘Death In A Matchbox’ by Steve Rogers

The latest in Steve Rogers’ red-dirt crime series






Death In A Matchbox  will make an perfect Christmas gift.

WA  Bookstores now with copies include:

New Edition – Fremantle
Collins Books – Napoleon St Cottesloe
Lane Books – Old Theatre Lane Claremont

Ask your local bookstore to order one in from the publisher’s distributor – Lightening Source Australia

Buy on line from


Or order direct from  Steve Rogers   [email protected]


Reader Reviews:


The winning formula of gold, murder and suspense rings true in this outstanding outback thriller. I enjoyed it very much.


—Robert Drewe – Award winning Australian author (The
Shark Net)



Steve Rogers paints his tale of a gold stash hidden in the Australian Outback so vividly you can taste the fine bush-dust on your tongue. Here’s a mystery that will introduce you to a breed of characters as tough and dry as the landscape. This is the real Australia of the recent past, that exists beyond the tinted windows of the tourist coach and the air-mattresses of glampers’ weekend adventures.’


Dave Warner – Australian author and musician (Winner of
Premiers Award and Ned Kelly Award for crime fiction)



“Steve Rogers’ quintessentially Australian prose hooks you from the first page, taking you on a wild ride through Western Australia in the 1970’s through to the present. Gold, intrigue, murder and characters that make you wish you were part of the action.


As an avid reader of Rogers’ books I can totally relate to his descriptive narrative having lived in some of the areas, experienced the landscape and met similar characters.” –


Christine Wilkie – Fremantle, Western Australia



It’s life in the rough. Told through fast-moving and racy dialogue carried by a narrative voice that knows his stuff, this is a little outback treasure. It will touch many a reader who will resonate with the chatter and find themselves transported to a landscape that is brought alive for them.


The technical detail is well researched and adds to that comfortable sense one has in reading the novel, that despite the action and the suspense, and the range of colourful characters, you’ll never be lost; this generous narrator will always look after you. Until the end, that is, and then you take a tumble!


It’s a yarn, like some of those recounted over the bar at a country local that animate these pages, and it catches the flavour of the men and the country, while being carried on the thread of the search for that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow; or, in this case, in a matchbox!


Emeritus Professor James Weiland – Dean of Arts and Professor of English at the
University of Wollongong



Published by Moonshine Cove Press – available in paperback or e-book from Amazon or order from your bookstore.

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