Book Club with Konrad Marshall: Listen here

Jack Banister and Gordon Hunter-Merdeith interviewed Konrad Marshall, author of Yellow and Black, A Season with Richmond, for the latest episode of their podcast, The People’s Game.


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  1. John Butler says

    Found that really interesting, Jack.

    Even allowing for all the unadulterated Tiger porn. :)

    Nice one.

  2. Stainless says

    Well done guys. Great interview. It confirms what I took from reading the book that it’s a much more interesting account because Konrad Marshall is NOT a sports journo. To paraphrase the line “what can they know of sport who know only sport”. For non-Tiger folk, if you can get over the “Richmond” stuff, this is really a book about the power of cultural change in a large, complex organisation. Ironically, the fact that it documents a Premiership year is in some ways a distraction from this central theme.

  3. JBanister says

    Thanks JB, thanks Stainless. Enjoying doing the interview immensely. Konrad’s mind has some serious gears. Despite an hour and a half with him, I still feel there were questions we didn’t get to ask!

    You’re correct Stainless. He’s got such a broad brush, but his comment about finding the human element in things is probably the single biggest nugget of gold you can give a writer in any subject area. People never cease to amaze!

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