Book (by Sam Fimis) Premiership Portfolio: 6 Step Guide to Succeeding in the Stock Market

from the publisher:


It’s a showdown like no other! It’s the ASX vs. the AFL…Game On!


It makes for a unique concoction, but Sam Fimis has been able to successfully combine Australian rules football and the stock market under the one cover…and he kicks plenty of goals in the process.


Over six simple steps, Fimis takes you through what feels like an AFL season, beginning with how to identify talent through to analysis the opposition, that being the market index.  You quickly become intrigued by the book’s unique concept and before you know it, you’re half way through and it’s half time. Fimis’ pre-match exercises include a brief introduction to the stock market and a couple of questionnaires to help you determine your individual risk profile and goals. The opening siren blows and it’s on for young and old. Step 1 explains how to identify and differentiate between the various types of talent listed on the ASX. Just as every AFL team is made up of different types of players, the Australian stock market is full of different types of companies and risks. Having been Inspired by the AFL Draft Combine, Fimis then introduces you to the ‘ASX Draft Camp’ by explaining how fundamental analysis can assist in determining which stocks are worthy of recruitment by looking at key performance indicators. However, just because a company ticks the fundamental box, doesn’t mean it’s getting a game in your portfolio and that’s when form comes into it (technical analysis).


The beauty of Premiership Portfolio is that you don’t have to be a footy fan or even a sports fan to understand the concept, analogies and explanations used throughout the book. It’s perfect for experienced investors or for parents to hand a copy to their footy hungry son or daughter to get them understanding and interesting in investment and financial markets. I particular enjoyed the Benjamin Graham – Stuart Dew cigar butt analogy and keep an eye out for the ‘Did You Know?’ facts throughout the book. If you don’t want to take my word for it, AFL Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick enjoyed the concept so much that he even wrote the foreword and said Moneyball star “Billy Beane of the Oakland A’s would no doubt be proud of the use of statistics in both the player and portfolio decisions”.


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