Bizarre Brownlow competition for the astute observer – win a prize

*The Winner of our Bizarre Brownlow Competition is… Gigs!* 


Gigs was able to name two of his Doggies who collected one vote: Caleb Daniel & Bailey Williams. Well done.


A few were able to name one player with a single vote:


Mark: Jake Lever (Melb)

aussie80s: Eddie Betts (Adel)

Citrus Bob: Jeff Garlett (Melb)

JTH: Brad Hill (Freo) – Jake Carlisle (St Kila = ineligible)

DB: Tom Langdon (Coll)



The winner to receive an Almanac membership or a book from the Almanac shop.


All you have to is name six players who will receive exactly ONE vote.


Winner is the person who has the most players with one vote in their six.


Enter by adding a comment below. Or by sending an email to [email protected]



  1. Jack Atley (North Melbourne)
    Justin Westhoff (Port Adel)
    Mitch Wallis (Western Bulldogs)
    Aaron Francis (Essendon)
    Esava Ratugolea (Geelong)
    Ben Stratton (Hawthorn)

  2. Bronte Mumford – no, wait, that was Magarey Medal.

  3. I’ll stick with what I (may or may not) know:
    Ed Richards (Dogs)
    Billy Gowers (Dogs)
    Hayden Crozier (Dogs)
    Bailey Dale (Dogs)
    Caleb Daniel (Dogs)
    Bailey Williams (Dogs

  4. Neil Anderson says

    1. Dale Morris (WB)
    2. Josh Schache (WB)
    3. H. Greenwood (A)
    4. M. Blicavs (G)
    5. H. McKay (Carl)
    6. S. Powell-Pepper ( PA)

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    1. Lynden Dunn (Coll)
    2. Levi Casboult (Carl)
    3. Jake Kelly (Adel)
    4. Joe Daniher (Ess)
    5. Mitch Honeychurch (WB)
    6. Tom Barrass (WCE)

  6. Tom McCartin (Syd)
    Jake Lever (Melb)
    Levi Casboult (Carl)
    Josh Dunkley (WB)
    Esava Ratagolea (Geel)
    Connor Glass (Haw)

  7. Eddie Betts (Adel)
    Jarrod Harbrow (GC)
    Majak Daw (North)
    Luke Hodge (Bris)
    James Worpel (Haw)
    George Horlin-Smith (Geel)

  8. Citrus Bob”
    Majak Daw (NM)
    Alir Alir (Syd)
    Cyril Rioli (Haw)
    Willie Rioli (WC)
    Esava Ratagolea (Gee)
    Jeff Garlett (Melb)

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Sam Frost
    Sam Frost
    Sam Frost
    Sam Frost
    Sam Frost
    Richard Douglas

  10. Brandan Parfitt
    Shaun McKernan
    Wayne Milera
    Luke McDonald
    Brad Hill
    Jake Carlile

  11. Sharenberg (Coll)
    Dunn (Coll)
    Langdon (Coll)
    Miocek (Coll)
    Richards (Dogs)
    Langdon (Freo)

  12. Brad Sheppard (WCE)
    Scott Lycett (WCE)
    Jamie Cripps (WCE)
    Willie Rioli (WCE)
    Tom Barass (WCE)
    Mark Hutchings (WCE)
    Unbiased of Lathlain

  13. By coincidence, Ryan Buckland set up this same competition this afternoon on Twitter. I had not seen his tweet when our competition was established.

  14. Kasey Symons says

    Competition results are up – posted at the top of the article!

  15. Well played Gigs.

    Do you want a 2019 membership as your reward (comes with a book!)


    PS I was a little stiff. Apart from Carlisle, I thought I was home when Milera snared a vote.

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