Big News at the Brunswick Street Oval

It was the last practice game on Saturday, and after the game, it was over to the Bowling Club for the Season Opening Function, which was very well attended.


A cold, sunny day greeted your ‘not so humble correspondent’ (NSHC). I parked at the railway end of the ground as usual and  walked over the bank to say hello to Dave, who has been doing the reserves goal umpiring for quite a few years and then continued across to the grandstand to get the big news of the season so far. Forget about that Danny B is not playing, or that we had 20 players not available who are available next week. Baker the Elder may not play (he has been OS) and the President’s son is in Japan but this is small fry. Dillan P and Dohers are injured and will not play. Nathen J and Max Ellis are back and Pickers will be fit for the first game of the season for the first time ever!!!!


No, none of this is important, compared to the news I am about to publish.


The loss of Danny we can cover if Pickers stays fit and Corbs plays a full season. Corbs missed about half of last year. Jules and Nathan J will rotate through the forward line and be quick, medium style, forwards that teams will struggle to match up so, with some luck with injuries, we will be able to score.


This year we have to start well. Pickers injury woes are a doddle compared to our endemic pathetic starts to the season. We have to win at Parkdale this week and there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to miss the game.


So what is the big news? It’s not that Peter Hill is coming down from Canberra for the game. He is the President of the Canberra Based Fitzroy supporters (I just made that up) but if he can get there why can’t you.


No the big news is the start of the rise of your NSHC through the Fitzroy hierarchy. I plan to be dictator in three years. I am starting at the bottom and have been appointed to be the scoreboard attendant for the Ressies. Now I know it was a set up, and that everyone at the club implored Sharon to get me to do this job. I know it means standing over on the other side of the ground by myself and where I cannot annoy anyone, but I have my plans. You cannot get rid of your NSHC.


This season, the scoreboard, but next year I might wangle my way onto the BBQ, elbowing Sharon out of the way. Better be careful here as she has knives but I am on my way and so are the Roy Boys and Girls.


See you all at Parkdale




  1. What’s Daniel Bisetto up to?

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