Best of the Burras, 74 to 82

I’ve started  a bit of a craze re ‘recycled’ AFL/VFL players. This time I’m digressing to the old love of my footballing life, Port Melbourne. The Burras, ‘you say borough, I say burra’, had long been the backbone of the VFA. In the halcyon period of the VFA, the 1960’s through to the mid 1980’s, Port Melbourne were a powerhouse. The glory years were that marvellous period 1974 to 1982.

In this time they won six flags as well as appearing in three preliminary finals. The first three of those premierships, 1974, followed by 1976 and 1977 I watched on TV. The first on the black and white, the final pair on our new colour TV. The trifecta, 1980, 1981 & 1982, I was there at Junction Oval to savour the glory. Thus I thought I’d pick the best combined side of that period.

In those days the VFA had no wingman, being sixteen a side  with two on the bench . Thus my team has no wingman, though I’ve used a tad of literary licence expanding the bench. Almanackers, if you wish, remove from the bench who you don’t consider merits a spot, pruning the bench back to the best two chosen players. I chose Gary Brice, the Port Melbourne Coach of the century as the coach. ‘Bricey’ captain coached the trifecta. An assistant coaching role must be given to Norm Brown, who coached the first three flags. Here we go !!!

B: John Christou, B Profitt, A Haenan

H/B: G Allen, G Robertson, G Dermott

C: W Swan

H/F: D ‘Sammy’ Holt, G O’Reilly, G Anderson

F:  S Allender, F Cook, T Ebeyer

Foll: V Aanensen, G ‘Buster’ Harland, P Goss

Res, from:  Jim Christou, B Evans, K Goss, G Evans

Coach, G Brice. Ass Coach, N Brown


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