Beauty pageants, buttocks and badminton


Heard about the World Badminton Federation’s new dress code edict for women? Almanacker Angela Pippos has, and has a few words to say about it, along with some thoughts on child beauty pageants, royal buttocks and (gasp!) an unmarried prime-minister who has a live-in partner!

Check out Angela’s great piece at the link below and add your own thoughts here.



  1. Rick Kane says

    Hi Angela

    Some great lines (I don’t know if I laughed harder at “holly shuttlecock …” or “I can’t wait to spray on some ‘Royal Crack’” but laugh I did). Underlining some terrifying examples of what females have to navigate through in just another day of life in the modern world. And this is supposed to be the best it’s ever been. Keep on kicking and keep the lines coming.


  2. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Thought provoking stuff Ange,

    It’s interesting that in the last 10-15 years male footballers, soccer players and basketballers’ shorts have become baggier while women’s uniforms have become tighter and skimpier. Beach Volleyball is a joke. The girls may as well be sponsored by Victoria’s Secrets, while the blokes play in knee length board shorts.

    Does the voyeurism end when we finally get to see women’s kidneys?

    When Pippa’s bum out publicizes a Princess bride and mothers inject botox into their 8 year old daughters, something is a little too askew. More articles like this help balance the equation.

  3. no one keen to ‘fess as fans of the Lingerie League?

  4. Danielle says

    i think females should have a choice of both options.
    skirts vs shorts
    If they are more comfortable in shorts then there shouldn’t be a problem.
    Although for some reason, having played netball in both i preferred the skirt.
    Its not because it was more feminine but because i felt lighter.
    Lighter and less restraining clothes make it easier to move about the court faster.

  5. I think they should have women’s lingerie AFL. I would rate its, errrr, arse off.

  6. Stay tuned for more on this theme.

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