Bear and the Ghost talk selection, Hughes and the Australian bowling “attack”

Thursday evening at the cricket sheds, Ken Harrison Reserve, Swan Hill


What are t’ selectors up to?

When was the last time the Aussies had a bowling attack that made you yawn as much as these guys?

None of them have unusual bounce, can get over 138kph, swing it consistently or have that unpredictability of  Johnson. So what if he sprays a few, he bowls over 140 and has the ability to take a bag!

Lyon, you say? More like a christian!
He is the epitomy of what I’ve always said about offies…..they’re just there to give the real bowlers a rest. Sadly there’s no guaranteed ‘real’ bowler there to rest.

If 14 degrees is the new benchmark for a straight arm, then start scouring Springvale now for a mystery bowler.


Just as baffling is the selection of one Phil Hughes. I’m sorry, but to rectify his batting shortfall he ups stumps and moves to the road that is the Adelaide Oval, scores a 150 against the Vic Second XI and hey presto he’s the next Don again??? Puleeeez. And then we won’t put him up against the world’s best, no, we’ll let him fill his boots against the Lankans so we can puff out our chest in the vain belief we’re no longer brittle in the top order!

All I can say is thank God for Hussey and I’m delighted that Mr Clarke is making me eat so much humble pie.

But yes, if Hilfenhaus and Siddle are the guns in our attack, it’s a pop gun attack at best.


Hughes’ selection is a huge example of how the selectors treat batting and bowling mavericks differently.

Fair to say that Johnson has had a good ride, but was last out of the side due to injury, not form. As the only bowler to have made something from nothing in the last 3 Tests, I woulda thought Hilf & Siddle woulda been fighting for one spot and Johnson was safe. His unpredictability counts against him apparently. McDermott certainly produced the technical bowling turn around we needed and while he was in the spot we were pitching it up, givin’ it a chance to swing and all with sustained 6-7 over spells over 140+. The odd short one then kept ’em honest.

It reminds me of the story of McDermott as a young tearaway. Got his spot in the side and a few Tests later dropped  10 or so kph to make sure he got it on the spot – All as requested by selectors and therefore future selection dependent. McDermott went for plenty in a series against the Windies, because he was over pitching at military pace. Clive Lloyd spoke to him after the series and asked what happened to his pace, because ‘We don’t fear you any more’.

The Hughes decision is ludicrous. The coupla mediocre re-selection innings you mentioned were exactly the same as his first two and look how that ended. Funny how history and fate works isn’t it? I remember a Shield flat track bully being commiserated with for never having played a Test, but not having the technique ‘to step up’, yet Hughes has had 3 chances at Tests! If Siddons could coach the Bangers off the back of the nearly man, Hughes’ll end up coaching Oz!

Like you, have to congratulate Clarke on a rich vein. Just hope the two god awful shot selections in Perth hasn’t broken the stretch. Hussey…well he’s Hussey, thank god for Hussey!

Bear is a veteran fast bowler from St Mary’s Tyntynder, based in Swan Hill. Ghost is a member of the 2005/06 C-grade premiership team.


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    Still, 86 isn’t a bad start!

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