Barnsley’s big weekend

It’s been a huge roller coaster ride for this Barnsley supporter over the last six weeks.  They were on a winning streak in late February beating sides above them when they came up against Bristol City.   Bristol City The Robins, were stone motherless last  and hadn’t had a win for some time when Barnsley played them.  I pencilled it in for a big win,  how wrong I was. I think the players thought it was all over too, but no,  Bristol City 3, Barnsley 2.

And so the month of March saw Barnsley take on the eighth placed Bolton Wanderers and be beaten 3-2.  On the 5th of March they played 11th placed Burnley and drew 1-1, the first point in over three weeks. A week later they had to front up to 12th placed Brighton and Hove Albion and much to my delight came home with a 2-1 win. But sterner stuff  was on the horizon, just four days later third place Watford  a club once owned by Elton John ( I think) took on the Reds and they proved too good, beating them 2-1.  At this stage they had climbed to 21st place on the ladder , still very close to the relegation zone.

On the 30th of March Barnsley played one of the greatest named football sides ever, Sheffield Wednesday 14th on the table. You never say a nice thing about this club in Barnsley for some reason or another, and the neighbours lived up to their reputation by beating them 2-1. I bet there were some dark moods in the town that night.  Two days later though  on April 1, things picked, up they beat 7th placed Leicester City 2-0.  and had draws against 4th placed Crystal Palace and top side Cardiff City. A great run of results.   Barnsley are now 19th on the 24 side Championship  ladder with a little breathing space away from the relegation zone.

Over the next few days they play 12th placed Charlton Athletic and 10th place Derby County.  Whether or not they have to mourn or celebrate for their football side, there will certainly be no mourning for Thatcher in the pubs of Barnsley, a once proud coal mining area.

Rod Oaten


  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Funny that Bristol, one of the bigger cities in Britain, can’t assemble a decent football side.

  2. Skip, I got the Bristol City v Barnsley result when we were camping in Tassie. The couple on the next site happened to be from Bristol. They couldn’t believe the result. Our team is crap they said.

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