Backing my Nick

While the footy is played, I focus on writing on field performances with my recent stories and thoughts.

But I choose to make a stand on Thursday’s Herald Sun story about our captain Nick Riewoldt.

He is alleged to refuse to take selfies after the match against Essendon on Sunday and throw f-bomb to club’s marketing and operations manager.

I can’t believe it because Nick is an encouraging guy and never grumpy towards media. He cares about fans.

Some people urge that Rooey was frustrated at the game so was not in good mood to take selfies with fans. Also other suggestions are that he wanted to focus on on field performances for up coming matches, and he wanted to show the team Sunday’s win wasn’t okay.

I was frustrated to see poor ball handling in the first half in the match. We might be on the way to heal from the huge loss to Eagles. It must be frustrating for him too as a skipper and a winger. He might have wanted to play in the forward line to score goals.

Also some people urge that marketing put too much pressure on players. I can understand this point of view.

In general people expect a lot these days. I think so many 24/7 services including hotels and supermarkets are reasons to have high expectations.

I am working in small accommodation with long hours. My employer is not willing to employ more people to cut the cost and some of our guests expect a 24/7 reception. They expect us to accept late check in. Under these conditions, it’s easy for me to get restless and stressed. Then how can I perform well and perfectly all the time? It’s unreasonable. And how can I have opportunities to meet people outside work?

If Nick had such emotion and feelings, it would be hard to be nice to his ‘customers’ (fans).

However I doubt the accuracy of the story because his alleged behaviours are out of his character.

I suggest my boys get motivated and to focus on the game against Fremantle on Saturday. Go Saints!

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  1. Hey, Yoshi…
    I will give you an important tip for future reference:
    never get too concerned about any story in the Herald-Sun!!

  2. G’day Smokie,

    Thanks for your tip how to handle with Herald Sun articles. They offer trash journalism.

    I just wanted to show my support to Riewoldt here. He is a true champion at St Kilda. Therefore I can’t stand seeing him being ruined by rubbish stories. Their story is utter nonsense!



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