Almanac Pro-running: 2017 Bay Sheffield Form Guide

The time-honoured Paul Young Bay Sheffield form guide with all the info on this year’s field. We’re hoping William Little wins, as that will make for a spectacular aftermath.

Almanac Athletics: The first pro meet of the SA season

Paul Young reports on the first pro meet of the SA season which was organised as a tribute to the late Jack Panuccio.

Entertainment All Stars Footy Team

An all entertainment team made up of actors and musicians.

Almanac Racing: Sure Bet Redemption

Paul Young had a long day of playing cricket before unwinding at the races. An elderly antagonist made the day a very memorable one.

Almanac Pro-running: The Bay Sheffield is run and won (and so is the Burnie Gift)

Paul Young tells us what happened in the time-honoured Bay Sheffield and in the time-honoured Burnie Gift. [Hope you took your lead from his form guide last month – Ed]

Almanac Pro-running: The famous Bay Sheffield Form Guide

The Bay Sheffield is South Australia’s Stawell Gift, run between Christmas and New Year at Glenelg. Each year the organisers produce a must-read form guide. This year’s has wound up in our hands [thanks Youngy]. Who wins?