Winning is the new Losing!

The next two weeks will make or break Richmond’s season, writes Tom Greenaway. They are finding more tricks and are beginning to realise what it takes to win, but can they do it?

The F Word.

Sainter Tom Greenaway reflects on the state of affairs (yearns?) and considers the future of the Saints and the Tigers, the state of play in 2013, and the caution with which the F word should be employed.

AFL Round 11 – St.Kilda v West Coast: To Be…..Is that really the question?

The truth is sadly unpalatable for Saints fans like Tom Greenaway. Applying the lion-share of the blame upon the umpires is the last refuge of the broken-hearted. This season has passed into memory already.

AFL Round 10 – North Melbourne v St.Kilda: Pilgrim’s Progress

It’s Tom Greenaway’s annual pilgrimage match with mate Jas, a longtime tradition. But is this a year he’s going to want to remember, as the Saints do battle with doubt and inconsistency?

Tigers and Saints: Bottom of the pile

Sympathy will always be something I detest. I dread revealing I’m a St.Kilda supporter to new company for that very reason. It has nothing to do with shame and everything to do with the look of pity.

Naming the tune

Melbourne are dormant. A bulb long forgotten. The chances of growth from here are still a long way distant. Their pain is real for Richmond folk. It shares a scary resemblance to where the Tigers were a very short while ago.

The Sky’s Limited

This is the week the sky stopped falling. Losses were piling up for both the Saints and Tigers but a win always holds the sky in place.

AFL Round 6 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Kosi fan Tutte

Tom Greenaway considers the career of Kosi and shares the frustration we all have – but especially Saints fans. [I suspect this piece will prompt the many theories of Kosi – Ed]

AFL Round 6 – Richmond v Geelong: The cave of no return

With a nod to the D-Generation’s Satanic Sketches, Saturday night was the cave of no return for the Tigers.


In this piece of footy reflection, prompted by two games (and some significant memories), Tom Greenaway creates some perspective for himself.

AFL Round 4: Grab a bucket and head to the well

Saints fan Tom Greenaway continues his seasonal glance at Richmond’s fortunes. He’s adamant the Tigers’ season starts….now.

Stairs are for climbing

Text message received April 14th 2:48pm: “4 Richmond fans just explained to a Dogs fan, whilst the Tigers lead by 49, that this match is far from over. We’re a pessimistic bunch!”

AFL Round 2 – St Kilda v Richmond: Pessimism United

Tom Greenaway is a Saints fan. He is also a pessimist. It has served him well.

AFL Round 1 – Carlton vs Richmond: No Mas.

A few seasons ago I made the snide remark that I didn’t feel the season properly underway until the ritual slaughter of the Tigers was complete.

March Champions

Footy’s back. Hope springs eternal and magic’s in the air….roll out the cliches, it’s time to dream again. Surely the Tigers will play finals this year, writes Tom Greenaway. Surely.

Saints Go Marching Home.

St.Kilda are not going to make the finals. That is  now official. After a season where we, the huddled masses, watched with a head filled with rationale- We monster the sides below us but we just can’t step up for the big guns. And a heart filled with hope- Geez, Carlton lost to Gold Coast…..and [Read more]

The people’s guernseys

What the hell happened to guernseys? When did we stray into this nether world of ‘clash’? Why, oh why, do we have to imperil our optic nerves with these explosions of offensive colours and corporate images? The curmudgeon within me is riled up people. We seriously need to start formalising the resistance to the clash [Read more]

Just Kick It!

It’s becoming harder and harder to be Monday’s expert. Admit it- That annoys you doesn’t it? I know I find it exasperating. Not being able to pinpoint, with the insightful detail of a hardened footy follower, why it was we got done on the weekend frustrates us all. Of for the glory days of our [Read more]

Part of the tribe

The experience of being a football supporter is surprisingly unique. You never actually sit down and think it thorough, until you do…and then you end up writing a blog about it. By unique, I am referring to the way  you belong to a certain football club. It is a tribal, parochial association that finds you [Read more]