Calling all Almanackers

It’s a beautiful day in Melbourne and, in a particular quirk that seems to only occur here, the crowd is turning out in force to watch Hawthorn and Richmond — 14th play 16th on the ladder. As I take advantage of the free wireless afforded to me at the ground, I ponder all the other Almanackers around Australia sitting at home. I can picture the scene. They have a pen in hand. Party pies and a drink are sitting on the table as they watch the TV or listen to the radio.

But what about those who are Melbourne-based or those on holiday? Is there somebody else like me, sitting at the ground? Do they also have a laptop on knee eagerly awaiting some backline composure in the form of Shaun Burgoyne or ruck support from Wayde Skipper? Why is it that I only know my colleagues in print alone? More importantly, is he or she asking the same question?

As a group we have grown in number, the popularity of the website grows ever larger. The Almanac lunches are an amazing event, but due to work commitments I like many others cannot attend.  Why not then augment them with a trip to the footy? I look out onto the crowd and despite its swelling numbers there are clearly plenty of seats available here today. What’s to stop a group of us occupying a row or two?

So, to give fairness to any of our interstate brethren let’s set a date once a month where anybody who is so inclined could come along, watch some footy and have a soft drink or two. As an early schedule, could I suggest the following:

Sunday June 13: Richmond v West Coast at the MCG could be a ripper. Not only would we get to see fellow almanacker Daniel Jackson in action but there would be a genuine chance of a win for the Tigers.

Sunday July 11: Melbourne v Essendon at the MCG. Two teams that may be in a genuine 8 point match as they hunt for a place in September.

Saturday August 7: Geelong v Collingwood at the MCG. On a current form, could this be the grand final preview?

So fellow Almanackers as the siren sounds for the first bounce, I think of you busily writing articles, tucking into a party pie and a cold drink. I set my laptop asode to enjoy the spectacle and can only hope that it is an experience I can share with you in the coming months.


  1. Tony Robb says

    Tim. It concerns me that you take a laptop to the footie. It could be indication of being a football avatar LOL. A group of us from Canberra will be heading to melbourne for our mid season review on the June long weekend. We have scheduled the Friday and Saturday night games with a side trip to Flemington on Saturday arvo. One of the group is a Tiger’s man and he declined the offer of attending the Richmond game for fear of worsening his already poor mental health. Anyway, as the weekend approached I’ll post our iternary should any one wish to catch up.

  2. pauldaffey says


    I’m with Tony. What do you do with a laptop at the footy?

    After seeing Richmond yesterday, I’m quite heartened. I reckon they’ve got very chance of beating West Coast.

    Will check my schedule and get back to you.

  3. pauldaffey says

    That should be every chance.

  4. Tony Robb says

    Daff, I thought the Tiges were good as well. Save for the desperate bump by Campbell Brown I think the Tigers had the momentum. Lack of expereince probably cost them in the end but a few efforts like that and suddenly a bit of belief gets into the team. Also I think it did a lot for the Rcihmond faithful at the Punt Rd end. I would also like to offer an invite to one of our “touring matches” in June if you happen to be available.

  5. Gentlemen, as you may be aware I have just relocated to Melbourne and due to Telstra’s exemplery levels of customer service they have advised that it will only take 10-20 business days to connect the Internet to a hosuehold (thank goodness I don’t live in a third world country – I’d shudder to think how long it would take to connect). As such I am not yet online at home.

    When watching the footy alone I have a favourite seat at the G. The only catch is that I have to get there about an hour early to snag it. Add in the fact that there is now free Internet at the G and you have the answer as to why I took the lappy.

    Tony, I would be delighted to join you on your touring matches and I am glad to hear that Daff is free for the Tigers game. After yesterday’s effort there is a genuine chance of a win sooner rather than later. Nothing would make me happier than to hear the fans roar the song.

  6. Tim,
    Governor Harms would have accepted “to follow Betfair” as justification for a computer at a licensed sporting event.
    And surely we don’t watch with a pen and pad.

  7. Steve Healy says

    Great idea Tim, I’d love to come along to meet everyone

  8. Tony Robb says

    Harms is now a football avatar.

  9. I thought about Crio but can you actually bet on during an event? I thought it was phone or the TAB only?

  10. Grrrr I need coffee, what I was trying to say was – I thought about that Crio but can you actually put a bet on during an event?

  11. Check the odds then ring toll-free.
    For mine it would ruin a day at the footy to be constantly vigilant, but a half time saver is allowed!

  12. Tim Ivins says

    I must admit, I was very very close to jumping on the $5.50 offered on the Tigers at 3/4 time.

  13. Steve Healy says

    Any news on this outing?

  14. Tim Ivins says

    Hi Steve,
    It’s still on as far as I am concerned. I just need to talk to ticketmaster/MCG tomorrow to find out where GA is slated for.

    Keep an eye out for details tomorrow night.

  15. I’ll most likely be going.

  16. Steve Healy says


  17. Not sure just yet. Depends on family.

    Tim, where will you be sitting on Sunday?

  18. Tim Ivins says

    Hi everyone,
    I called up the MCG today and they advised there’ll be a lot of general admission areas. Therefore I was thinking we could all meet up in one of those bays? Maybe in the pocket in M6?

    Does anyone have a preference for a particular GA section?

  19. Can GA get in the Ponsford or is it just Southern Stand?

  20. Steve Healy says

    The other pocket in the olympic stand is good too Tim, although M6 sounds great. This information is also available on the MCG website

  21. Tim Ivins says

    Yes I believe it can be in the Ponsford stand but I don’t know for sure. Does anybody else know?

  22. Steve Healy says
  23. Tim Ivins says

    Steve you’re a genius!

    Looking at it, M36 is directly opposite to M6 and it is in the Ponsford Stand. May I suggest there?

  24. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Ivo.
    M36 is much further away from the Richmond cheersquad, so that could mean something

  25. I think the Ponsford allows AFL and MCC to enter with passouts.

  26. Tim Ivins says

    If that is the case then would be perfect as it would suit everyone assuming Richmond/West Coast members could move around.

  27. Never assume…gatekeeper Nazis love quiet games.

  28. Chalkdog says

    last year there was a bar in Ponsford level one that served Crownies in plastic cups. Might help looking at the fixture….

  29. On Saturday it was draught beer to be taken to seats!! However I was unsure if I was meant to sit there but with so few Port people – and Coasters this week – there were no hassles.I think it was via the Hans Ebeling room but i only arrived at half time so there may have been tkt checks beforehand.

  30. Correction…Sunday at Hawks v Port

  31. pauldaffey says

    M36 is good. I watched Hawthorn and Port in that area on Sunday.

    From that vantage, it looked as if whenever the ball was in Port’s forward line, every Hawthorn player crowded into the defensive half, even Jarryd Roughead.

    This is the same Hawthorn that had Buddy kick 100 and Roughy kick 70 in 2008. I can’t believe that coach Clarkson would wilfully ruin a such successful forward line, so I assume it must have been the seats.

    We’ll see what happens on Sunday.

  32. Just better clarify Tim. In the article it says this is a Saturday game…it is, in fact, the early game this Sunday (I expect I’ll go to see Dogs and Bris as 1pm is a bit inconvenient).

  33. Tim Ivins says

    Great point Crio, it is indeed Sunday. Daff could you amend the article to reflect the right date please?

  34. John Butler says

    ‘Tis done Tim.

  35. Tim Ivins says

    Brilliant, thank you John.

  36. Tony Robb says

    John, Are you going to the Carlton game tomorrow?

  37. John Butler says


    Sadly, I’m not.

    A bit too hard to organise this week.

  38. Tim Ivins says

    All, there are no limits on AFL members crossing over to the public reserve for the Tigers game.

  39. Hi Tim,

    I am indeed going to the game. Taking my five-year-old.

    Can we meet you at quarter-time? I’ve got your number so I’ll ring to check where you’ll be sitting.

    Tigers are a big show. I’m also looking forward to seeing the Eagles youngsters.

  40. Tim Ivins says

    Of course Paul,
    Agreed that Richmond are a big show. Should be cracking game. I’ll be in M36 everybody look for the guy wearing the Red Boston jacket. Alternatively drop me an email – [email protected] and I’ll forward my number.

  41. Tim Ivins says

    Just to confirm, for those of you who will come along let’s meet in M36. I will be in a red Boston Red Sox jacket and a Hawks scarf.

    See you there and Carn the Tiges!

  42. Steve Healy says

    It was nice to meet you Tim, and what a game to attend as well with a magnificent individual performance from Riewoldt.

    Hopefully the turn out is better next time

  43. Yeah, great to meet you Tim, you’re a nice man.

    Bit of an anti-climax with this meet-up, but still it was great.

  44. Tim Ivins says

    Thanks guys,
    Great to meet you too. Sorry about the delayed reply – the World Cup has completely taken me offline.

    It was definitely a case of quality over quantity, maybe next time we’ll get some more interest.

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