Happy 40th Birthday. A love letter to “London Calling”

Today is the 40th anniversary of the release of The Clash’s seminal album “London Calling”. Smokie wishes it many happy returns.

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: The Teskey Brothers “Run Home Slow”

The latest of Smokie’s reviews of classic Australian albums is “Run Home Slow” by the Teskey Brothers, a brand-new release which is sure to become a classic.

VAFA 2019 Premier C – Grand Final Seniors & Reserves: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

From the Grand Canal in Venice, Smokie waxes philosophically about the journey the Williamstown WCYMS club has taken as they vie for a premiership for their senior & reserve teams.

The Ashes 2013: Manchester Memories

From the vault: Smokie Dawson and six mates were grateful their wives gave them such an extraordinarily long leash so they could attend the Manchester Test in 2013. They just had to be careful they didn’t hang themselves with it.

The Ashes 2019 – Third Test: Live At Leeds

Smokie Dawson was privileged to be live at Leeds to witness the greatness of Ben Stokes – an innings that primarily added to the drama of the Third Ashes test, but also deserves its place in larger folklore to come.

VAFA Premier C Section – Williamstown CYMS FC preview: “Card Night”

Smokie looks back on the “Card Night”, which once formed part of his pre-match ritual.

Almanac Memoir: My Grandfather Played Hurling

Smokie favours us with this story of his beloved grandfather, Neddy Dawson, and ponders the appropriate curation of Neddy’s century-old Hurley.

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: Tex, Don and Charlie – ‘Sad But True’

In the tenth of his occasional series looking back at classic Australian albums, Smokie revisits “Sad But True” – the debut collaboration of Tex, Don and Charlie.

Round 13 – North Melbourne v GWS: Brendan, Beanies, and Blundstone.

Smokie surprises his son by making a lightning visit to Hobart, where together they watch North submit to the Giants at Blundstone Arena.

VAFA – Williamstown CYMS: A Great Reaches 200

In his long association with Williamstown CYMS FC, Smokie has seen many good footballers represent the club. Ben Gray, who plays his 200th match tomorrow, is one of the greatest.

Round 9 – North Melbourne v Sydney: Bigger Losers than Labor

Smokie argues that North’s loss last Saturday night in Hobart was even worse than that of the ALP in the federal election

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: Sunnyboys’ “Sunnyboys”

In the ninth of his occasional series revisiting classic Aussie albums, Smokie brings us a classic power-pop record that is a constant reminder of teenage summers.

Balcony Banter Round 3 – Hawthorn v North Melbourne: Roos remain winless, MCG remains timeless

Almanacker Darren ‘Smokie” Dawson had no trouble finding his sweet spot to view this game. He just wishes he could say the same for his Roos. But a day at the MCG always has its compensations.

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: Midnight Oil “Earth and Sun and Moon”

In the eighth of his occasional series looking back at iconic Australian albums, Smokie muses on his favourite Oils record.

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: “The Boys Light Up”

Smokie’s latest Stereo Story is a tale of Australian Crawl, of his first pub gig, and of an enormous bar-room brawl

VAFA Media Awards “Best Online Feature Story” 2018 – Williamstown CYMS AFC: Into The Ammos!

Great news. Smokie Dawson has won the 2018 VAFA media award for “Best online feature story.” We first published it here in May. The story of Williamstown CYMS AFC; a history of the club’s inception into the VAFA. Here it is.

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 5: In The End

The series is not over. But Smokie Dawson reckons Australia’s brittle batting line-up will need to improve markedly.

Sheffield Shield – Victoria v New South Wales: Back to the future

It’s been a while between innings for Smokie when it comes to watching the Sheffield Shield at the MCG, so when a gap appeared in the covers of life, he slipped in to watch the Vics take on NSW and reminisce.

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: INXS “Shabooh Shoobah”

Smokie returns to share the seventh in his occasional series of Australian album reviews- this time “Shabooh Shoobah” by INXS.

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Old Geelong Preview: Once in a Lifetime

The chance to play for a promotion to B Grade, or play for a premiership are opportunities that may never again present themselves claims Smokie. Saturday is a once in a lifetime situation for Williamstown CYMS to not “let the days go by” and to exhort themselves to greater things.