Almanac Life: Talking Crap

A few months ago, Smokie was talking crap, as the guest on a community radio show.

Almanac Life: Special Subject – ‘Revolver’

Smokie Dawson is bit of a trivia buff. How and why he remembers all the ‘stuff’ is one of life’s great mysteries. With the ‘Revolver’ album as his special subject he’d cream any question Jennifer Byrne would ask him. [Perhaps a Footy Almanac Trivia night is on the cards? – ED.]

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: The Triffids ‘Born Sandy Devotional’

After a hiatus, Smokie is back with the fourteenth in his look-backs at classic Australian albums. This time it is the Triffids’ 1986 masterpiece ‘Born Sandy Devotional’.

No Footy!

Smokie laments the cancellation of local footy. He’s missing the Fearon.

Almanac Life: Blunt’s Room

Smokie recalls the glory days of a sanctuary called ‘Blunt’s Room’.

Almanac Life: Kanowna Street

Smokie reminisces about the share house in Kanowna Street, and muses that friendships were fortunate to survive.

Round 2 – GWS v North Melbourne: Off-Broadway

Smokie’s bit-part players and character actors adorned in blue and white stripes put in a performance worthy of a Tony as they accounted for the Giants – will North Melbourne provide some new household names come the end of the season?

Almanac Life: The Vancouver Weekend

Smokie and his mate Macca once spent a lost weekend in Vancouver.

Almanac Life: Cricket With My Sons

A flashback to almost 11 years ago when Smokie first posted this piece about playing cricket with his sons.

Almanac Life: The Last Golf Game

Smokie reveals that he has not played golf in thirty years, and that his last game was on a championship course in Pittsburgh.

Almanac Life: Video Store

According to Smokie Dawson, Netflix has nothing on the social interaction which the local video store once provided.

Almanac Life: On Safari

The Netflix series “Tiger King” prompted in Smokie childhood memories of the old Bacchus Marsh Lion Park.

Almanac Life: Skater Boys

It might be difficult to comprehend, but Smokie once rode a skateboard – on the West Gate Bridge of all places!

Almanac Life – Paying Homage to the great DK Lillee

‘Smokie’ Dawson takes us on a tour of the statues of his adolescent heroes, DK Lillee and Malcolm Blight, and relates a close encounter with the great fast bowler.

When Stereo Stories met the Footy Almanac

Vin Maskell, creative director of Stereo Stories, looks back at a crucial meeting with John Harms of the Footy Almanac.

Almanac Life: Horses and Mini-bikes

Smokie rides neither horses nor motor-bikes. In this memoir, he explains why.

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: ‘My Hero’ Foo Fighters

In his latest Stereo Story, Smokie Dawson reflects on festivals, the Foo Fighters, and fatherhood.

Almanac Memoir (and Poetry): ‘An Avocado’

There was a time when a young Smokie wrote poetry, with one being good enough to win a literary award – in a roundabout fashion.

Almanac Teams: For Your Eyes Only

With the latest James Bond film almost upon us, Smokie selects a team with a Bond-related theme.

Almanac Music: Best Australian Albums of 2019

Smokie Dawson listens to plenty of music, much of it Australian. After some deliberation, he presents to you his 10 best Australian albums of the year just past.