Almanac (Local) Footy: I’ve been to Bali too

Jordan De Goey’s recent travails had Smokie reminiscing about a trip to Bali thirty years ago. Thankfully, smart phones and social media were years away!

Almanac Footy: The Legend of Gil

Smokie Dawson recalls the legend of the ‘player’ with the name of Gil Spencer at the Williamstown CY’s U19s nearly forty years ago.

Almanac Life: The Williamstown Walkers

Today marks twelve months since Smokie’s mate Netto was taken far too early. But the Williamstown walking group that he started endures.

Almanac Life: 13 Passengers

Smokie recalls the time he crammed himself and thirteen passengers into his EH Holden wagon. [Not sure he had much say in it – JTH]

Menin Gate At Midnight

Smokie Dawson explains why he attends the Williamstown ANZAC Day Dawn Service each year, and the importance of the painting, ‘Menin Gate At Midnight’ by Will Longstaff.

The Fearon Reserve: Our Field of Dreams

The new VAFA season commences tomorrow and, in B Grade, Williamstown CYMS take on Old Carey at the Fearon Reserve. Smokie tries to explain what “The Fez” means to CY’s people.

Almanac Tennis: Game, Set and Match to Martina

Martina Navratilova is a true champion – both on and off court. Smokie tells of his Twitter exchange with Martina, and the gift he received from her in the post.

Almanac Tennis: Martina and My Tennis Ball

Smokie recalls Martina Navratilova thwacking his tennis ball at the 1983 Australian Open.

Almanac Music – The Best Australian Albums of 2021

Courtesy of further lockdowns, Smokie listened to plenty of Australian music in 2021. Here are his best of the year.

Almanac (Travel) Book Review: ‘The One That Got Away’ by Ken Haley

Ken Haley journeyed through the Caribbean as Covid-19 was taking hold across the world, and documented his travels in “The One That Got Away”. Smokie reviews the book here.

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: ‘That’s Amore’

In Smokie’s latest Stereo Story, he reminisces on his first ever haircut – and the barber who thought he was the star of his own show.

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: Weddings Parties Anything ‘Roaring Days’

In the 15th of his reviews of classic Australian albums, Smokie looks back on “Roaring Days” by Weddings Parties Anything, an album to which he has found himself turning during Melbourne’s lockdown

Almanac Book Reviews: ‘Neil Harvey – The Last Invincible’ by Ashley Mallett

Smokie Dawson gives his thoughts on Ashley Mallett’s bio of Neil Harvey, an extraordinary cricketer and the final survivor of the famous 1948 Invincibles.

Almanac Music: The Rolling Stones’ Best 50 Songs

RIP Charlie Watts, the drummer of the Rolling Stones, who passed away in a London hospital on the 24th of August. He was 80. In this article posted earlier in August, Smokie recounted his top 50 Rolling Stones songs, more topical today than ever.

Almanac Life: Pre-Marital Counselling

The things you have to do to get married during the cricket season! Smokie fondly remembers the lead up to his marriage to Margaret.

Almanac Life: Buses, Trains and Automobiles

It wasn’t quite as adventurous as the journey Steve Martin and John Candy took in the film ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’, but Smokie’s trip was memorable nonetheless.

Almanac Music: the Top 50 ‘Like A Versions’

For years, Smokie has been a fan of Triple J’s ‘Like A Version’. In another epic, he reveals his favourite 50 tracks.

Almanac Life: The Rental Car

Smokie recounts the pleasures and perils of a jaunt with his family in a hire car on the French Riviera.

Almanac Life: The Pelican

Smokie recalls the day that he and his dad went fishing – and landed a pelican!

Almanac Life: The Painting

How many Almanackers have associated our regular columnist Smokie with the world of fine art? No? You Philistines! Here’s the tale to set you straight.