Heroes and Villains: Part 1 – PEDs

The first installment in a series, this article from Peter Robertson explores the conundrum surrounding the use and debate on the legalisation of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) in sport.

The Value of Values

Peter Robertson continues his thought-provoking series on the place of leisure, activity and organised sport in contemporary life. Here he looks at shared values and the complexities of not-for-profit leadership and management. [Timely. It’s something Malarkey tries to keep front of mind. JTH]

Urban Utility

In my last article I discussed some of the challenges posed by urbanisation and why sport should play a key role in our future towns and cities. How should we deliver our sporting and recreation facilities in ways that will be appropriate for future residents but takes account of resource constraints? Australians love their sport [Read more]

Urban Highs and Lows

Urban living in the digital age: how social density combined with social isolation results in social stress. Peter Robertson looks at the role of sport and sporting clubs in contemporary life. [Thoughtful consideration of an important issue – Ed]

The SMD (Selfie of Mass Destruction)

Robbo with a thought-provoking and insightful piece on life and the roles of individual, collective and the individual within the collective. Within this, the selfie is “like nuclear power…”

Tales from the Green

Robbo asks “Can the age old sport of bowling provide valuable lessons to other mainstream sports that are trying to invigorate themselves and connect in contemporary and sustainable ways?”

Is “barefoot bowls” the answer?

No Country for Fit Kids (or Old Men….)

Is the ideal of the regional sport club of yesterday worth preserving and what role can regional sports clubs play in the future, asks Peter Robertson.

No Time to Play?

Peter Robertson’s debut piece is a well-researched, thoughtful discussion of how we use time these days, how we engage with social media, and he we involve ourselves in pursuits sporting and pursuits leisure.