A Father’s Love and Football

A beautiful story of father and kindergarten-age son, footy and togetherness. [Wonderful – Ed].

Round 1 – Melbourne v Geelong: Two Musketeers is Two Too Many

Piffy painfully recalls in the final moments of the Round 1 Melbourne v Geelong clash that there are no sure things in footy, especially when you are a Dees supporter.

Good for Footy in New South Wales

Piffy observes the signs of ascent of footy in NSW

Living as a Demon in a Swans Family

“Everyday I wish they would do it for Robbie”. Piffy brings a whole heap of personal meaning to this Sunday’s game between the Swans and Demons

Round 8 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Sunday Arvo Dees

It’s a quick trip to Melbourne for Piffy, but the fixture denies him a Friday night game at the G. He flies home to watch his Demons go down to the Dogs.

Back to St George Day

Lovely memoir from Piffy, prompted by a return to Olds Park for a St George premiership reunion. [Cracker – Ed]

Round 4 – Richmond v Melbourne: A night to remember

Piffy’s heart is beating true. “…It’s a Friday night and I’m watching my team win on the telly. It’s an unbelievable experience. Imagine regularly sitting down on a Friday night to this. Some people do…”