What’s in a name?

Political correctness is a movement to promote tolerance, understanding and acceptance. I’m sure it is a valid movement as far smarter people than I have implemented it, advocated it, and supported it. To me though, it is un-Australian, at least in some part. The “Aussie” persona has been built on the knockabout, “she’ll be right [Read more]

Going broke getting rich

  by Peter Edwards I’ve always been a bit entrepreneurial; always been open to the thought of a quick and easy buck; always been curious about the Bransons, Packers, and Murdochs of this world. I’ve attended many a seminar; read many a book; talked to many a mentor. But without the genius of Gates, the [Read more]

Umpiring: A Matter of Perspective

Ideas can come at any time, like during a discussion about umpiring 16 years ago with a couple of mates in the cafeteria on the 16th floor of330 Collins Street, then the head office of Colonial Mutual. Ideas can be plausible, even if others (eg said mates, Darren & Pete) think them laughable. When people [Read more]

A Tale Of Two Presses

Allan Jeans believed football was a simple game – “We have the ball, they have the ball or the ball is in dispute.” Not so simple are the plans devised to meet that axiom. The biggest developments in on-field strategies in recent times have revolved around what to do when “they” have the ball.

When the Demons Lost Respect

Sometimes individuals, teams, and organisations get ahead of themselves. Geelong used to be accused of that. Players were big fish in a small pond. Win, lose or draw, they were feted. Success at the highest level was always dreamed of, but having a team in the VFL/AFL was good enough in Sleepy Hollow. The fact [Read more]

Something happened down at Geelong on the way to the 2011 season

by Pete Edwards   It is well documented that this year was supposed to be the beginning of the end for the Cats, with analysts pointing to an ageing list, a passé style of football, and a couple of key defections. And given the shaky form they have shown in recent weeks, it still may [Read more]

Football Intelligence

  by Peter Edwards Hold the press Melbourne and Richmond supporters. There may be a ne’er previously considered reason for why your teams have not performed to expectations, and which at the same time, may explain why the Cats have defied the popular opinion of most AFL pundits. Go home tonight and pen a letter [Read more]

Sports Radio

  by Peter Edwards Inspired by a comment johnharms made on a haiku bob post. “HB, WE were listening to this {Pies/Roos mis-match} from Keith to Dimboola. That was three hours. The haiku version of 18.4 seconds offers more.” I relate. In every way. And it brought back memories. When I’m on the road, my [Read more]

The 5 Cs of Premiership Success

Was it just me, or did we all laugh when the Tigers announced a new five-year plan at the beginning of the year? All except Tigers fans of course. Their collective groan measured 4.1 on the richter scale. Five years in itself is not too long to wait for premiership success, but when it’s the [Read more]