Almanac Music: Live again with Died Pretty

Remember live music? Died Pretty finally got to play their much delayed gig at the Croxton Park Hotel. Mick Symons was glad to be there.

Almanac Theatre – “The Merger” by Damian Callinan: A Review

Mick Symons reviews the wonderful “The Merger” by Damian Callinan which is playing during this year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival. [Check out the link at the end of the review for a special ticket offer to see the show. Ed]

Round 2 – Essendon v St Kilda: High Hopes

Mick Symons understands that footy is about hope, which is sometimes hard to maintain, let alone satisfy.

Almanac Music: The Paper Kites at the Forum

Mick Symons joins an eclectic crowd at The Paper Kites recent concert in Melbourne. The indy band were in fine form in their home town. [Welcome to the Almanac Mick – JTH]