Almanac Life and Footy: Political Football

Matt Harvey tracks the correlation between Carlton premierships in the V/AFL and political success at federal and Victorian levels over the past 50+ years.

Round 8 – Carlton v Adelaide: Mothers’ Day Becomes Daughter’s Day At Docklands

Watching his Blues defeat the Crows with his daughter was a delightful way for Matty to spend Mothers’ Day

Round 3 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Another Grand Final rematch with the closest of margins

Blues fans are up and about and Matt Parker might just be one of their good luck charms in 2022 – he’s been to each of the three wins in person!

Round 2 – Richmond v GWS: Life in the Box

Matt Harvey had a wonderful day at the ‘G in a corporate box watching the Tigers defeat the Giants.

Round 7 – Carlton v Port Adelaide: So near and yet so good

Matt Harvey admits to mixed feelings about Port Power. He’s also emotionally torn about a high standard game that saw the Blues pipped after the siren.

Round 6 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: A civilized result for an uncivilized time

It may have been Sunday dinner time, but Carlton fan Matt Harvey was prepared to overlook the distractions as the Blues stormed home.

A Pensee on Bastille Day

To celebrate Bastille Day, Matt Harvey offers a few football related thoughts, experiences and observations.

Round 5 – Carlton v St Kilda: Could we back up?

Coming off a couple of good wins, Matt Harvey’s Carlton couldn’t make up the ground as the Saints proved too strong at Marvel Stadium.

AFLW: A League of Their Own

A look back at the inaugural AFLW season.

The AFL is Federation all over again!

I’m currently working on Australian constitutional law and it strikes me that the creation of the AFL is very much like what happened when Australia federated. The States created the Commonwealth which then took on a life of its own and made the States its beggars. Now the AFL, created by the clubs, has taken on [Read more]