A Tiger in a nest of Magpies

    By Phil Dimitriadis Alexander John Eastham is a different cat. In fact, he is a tiger. Yes, my grandnephew barracks for Richmond. The noteworthy feature of this highly unexpected phenomenon is that 99% of his immediate family are Pies fans. His paternal grandfather Jock is the president of the Gippsland Magpies and has [Read more]

Lessons I Learnt in India and Sri Lanka (Part 2)

Lesson 2: I’m a celebrity in India. I am a celebrity in India. I’m famous. The people love me…I think. You see, as a white-haired fair skinned teenage Australian, I was quite a rarity in India. Frequently, people would stop me in the streets (inner Mumbai especially) and ask for a photo or autograph. I [Read more]

Hell of the Northcote – Melburn Roobaix

By Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens “It’s like the Paris Roubaix, but shorter and sillier.” My first ever Melburn Roobaix was one of my favourite rides I’ve ever done. Like its older, professional cousin, the Melburn Roobaix sends riders over tough terrain, including excruciating cobblestone alleyways. The aim of the day is to have fun. It is [Read more]

Write for the Junior Almanac

Welcome to the Junior Almanac page. We publish the words of keen young writers. You can write about footy. But really, we just want to see kids learning to love stories and words, and to become published writers and enthusiastic readers. So we’d love you to write about your passion, whether it be footy or [Read more]

Posts: A Concrete Poem

Susie Giese: The Facebook Interview

Susie Giese: The Facebook Interview Susie Giese is an emotional, yet intelligent Geelong fan who has just graduated in the field of Sports Journalism from Deakin University. Writing for The Footy Almanac helped her land her first job for the Geelong Advertiser  and she is well on the way to being a major force in the world [Read more]

A Dove Among Pigeons

By Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens Not that long ago I was on a train in India. True Story. (More on my adventures in India later…) Aside from my Parents and my sister I was the only non-Indian on the train. It was packed, and I estimate I was the only person with white hair within a [Read more]

Sports of All Sorts

                                                              Sports of all sorts                                                      By Anastasia Dimitriadis                                                                   Grade 6   As a little child, sport has always and still [Read more]

Junior Footy Almanac Success Stories

To coincide with the launch of the Junior Footy Almanac we feature the most recent articles from our talented young writers. If you would like to submit your stories and photos please email Phil Dimitriadis at pkad23@yahoo.com.au Geelong versus Hawthorn Day! By Susie Giese So painfully, agonisingly and tigerishly close By Catherine Durkin Stripes of survival By [Read more]

Josh Barnstable: The Facebook Interview

Interview with Josh Barnstable Josh Barnstable started writing for the Footy Almanac at 14 years of age. He covered his first match in the book in round one 2009 which resulted in a win for his beloved North Melbourne. He has since written many engaging reports for both the book and the website. He is [Read more]

Migrants and Footy

Phil Dimitriadis be speaking with Lindy Burns tonight on ABC 774 at 7.30pm about Migrants and Footy. Hope Knackers get a chance to listen in, send a text or  call if you have a story to share.

Migrants and the footy experience

Dear Almanackers, I’m looking for 30-40 writers who may be first or second generation migrants to share stories about their relationship with footy. The idea is to publish a book that will reflect the authentic multicultural fan base of the AFL. This does not only include people from non-English speaking backgrounds. Indeed, there would be [Read more]

Relatively Gutted

By Phil Dimitriadis   The gut holds our emotions, our food, our poisons, our hopes and our fears. We get inspired by those who show guts, but do we get gutted too easily when things don’t go our way? Jimmy’s dead. Wounds are raw and words are plenty. He reached out and people are reaching [Read more]

Politics, power and emotion in The Club

by Phil Dimitriadis Club politics do not always sit comfortably with the ideas of the coach and his methods of disciplining errant players. In The Club, prize recruit Geoff Hayward is a protected species according to President Ted Parker because he paid an extra ten thousand dollars out of his own pocket to ensure that [Read more]

Loyalty and Symbolism in The Club

By Phil Dimitriadis The Club by David Williamson examines the political machinations of a failing football club and the power plays of its traditional and emerging stakeholders. The play challenges the hero myth and teamwork ethic that seems prevalent in the celebratory publications. It is a play about relationships and their vulnerability as the club [Read more]

Ancient Myths – Local Heroes

  by Phil Dimitriadis Where does Australian Rules football, derive its imperative ideologies? What disciplines or beliefs drive the allegory of the sport? It is here that Biblical comparisons and Greek mythology might come into play. Hero mythology is derived from these two ideologies because of their influence on the moral fabric of language in [Read more]

Bomber Return

  Essendon versus Geelong – 7.10pm, Saturday, 2 July – Docklands Stadium   by Phil Dimitriadis Geelong fans were treated with contempt by Mark Thompson last year. The brooding surliness and lack of respect he showed extracted understandable displays of righteous anger from the Cat’s faithful. Yet he coached them to a drought-breaking premiership and [Read more]

Ode to a Magpie

  This anonymous poem was handed to my cousin John Scopas by an old Collingwood fan. He passed it on to me in the hope that it will get a run on the site and that we may yet find the author. I have cleaned up a fair bit of punctuation (written by a Collingwood [Read more]

Old Unwelcome Memories

Collingwood v Geelong Grand Final 2011 By Phil Dimitriadis   Nothing ends well that starts with a Meat Loaf ‘Kiss’.  The omens were there from the beginning and I chose to ignore them.  Even as a seven year old the lyrics of ‘Hot Summer Night’: “You took the words right out of my mouth” had [Read more]

The Recurring Dream

  Every once in a while I have this dream. It is April 1990. The light is always the same. The last waves of summer have passed but there is still enough warmth to obfuscate the chill in the air. Footy season has commenced with its majestic ephemera and hyperbole. I’m part of a team. [Read more]