Hello, cricket!

  by Katherine Giese Okay. Well. Where do I begin? It’s almost lunchtime. I’ve just surfaced after yet another late start to the day (gotta love the holidays). So far, I’ve left a note on some random’s car, after they parked it behind mine on my nature strip (the cheek!!!) and tried to save the [Read more]

Cats Purr While The Dog Barks

By Katherine Giese Fremantle vs. Geelong – Round 2, 2011 (Saturday 2nd April) There was an ominous feeling in the air at my place. The impending arrival of my family, to tut-tut at my badly behaved dog, Mixie (I like to think of her as effervescent…maybe exuberant), and judge me on my housekeeping, was weighing [Read more]

The Simpsons as a study of (my) life

by Katherine Giese It has been generally accepted that The Simpsons is a study of life. It may be less widely known, however, that The Simpsons is a study of my life. I’m not a big proponent of coincidence, but believe strongly in fate. Why, then, is my life irrevocably intertwined with The Simpsons? When [Read more]