Put down the poison pen

Melbourne ruined the stories and headlines of many journalists by winning their game against the Giants. Matt Watson wonders if Neeld can get a little breathing space.

Blood line supporter

After all that’s happened, what does it take to make a Melbourne supporter finally snap? Matt Watson found out.

Melbourne’s demons – This is the life we’ve chosen

The losing culture Melbourne fostered, to ensure high draft picks, has become entrenched.

Run for your life

Given recent events in Brisbane where a huge storm caused injury to some participants, Iron Mike considers the mind of the long distance runner whose competitive instincts preside.

How great we once were

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures but when was the last time you had a kick of the footy? Iron Mike hasn’t had one for years and knows there’s no excuse. What’s your excuse?

The AFL has limped into Round 1, again

The AFL keeps missing the point. After another long, meaningless pre-season, round one was limp and unimaginative. That the round was split isn’t the problem. The problem is the choice of games.

India – the undisciplined story

A leaked email has revealed the extent of recent fines coach Mickey Arthur has slapped on the Australian side.

Boxing can self-regulate, right?

Combat sports in Queensland, particularly boxing, remains an unpredictable exercise. The latest sham involving Sonny Bill Williams and the recent death of young boxer Alex Slade should see the regulation of boxing in the State.

Action Man doll versus the tattered teddy bear

In his Almanac debut, Matt Watson says the fight between Sonny Bill Williams and Frans Botha epitomised all that is wrong with boxing.