Finals Week 1 – Richmond v North Melbourne: The Tigers of old – for the vanquished

Matt Watson enjoyed North’s win over the Tigers, but with close family ties to Richmond, he was more than able to empathise with the LSPRF (The Long Suffering Punt Rd Faithful – to borrow from The Wrap).

Finals Week 1 – Richmond v North Melbourne preview: Do Tigers eat kangaroo?

Matt Watson uses a past experience and knowledge about Tigers and Kangaroos (the animals) to explain what may happen between the two clubs with said animals as mascots.

Round 23 – Richmond v North Melbourne: Desperation without demand for victory

Matt Watson had a fundamental disagreement with the strategy employed by North Melbourne at selection last week, so he too had a less than full-strength commitment to supporting North against Richmond. Friday night’s result was hardly a surprise, but the self-imposed additional pressure it now places on the club heading into an Elimination final showdown with the same opponent nine days later is unwelcome and distracting, argues Matt.

Building a sustained platform…

Carlton Football Club has a new coach. Matt Watson wonders about Brendon Bolton’s platforms, honesty, game plan, his blank canvas, his preconceived ideas and his open mind (among other things).

The Quandary of Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke has gone. Matt Watson reviews Clarke’s career and his time in the public gaze.

Looking After a Mate’s Bat

Matt and Russ remember their departed Oak Park mate, Jason “Jabba” Ball. (Beautiful – Ed.)

Round 17 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: The curse is dead; long live the curse.

As Almanackers will appreciate from previous years, for Matt Watson, this weekend was all about The Curse. Russ was in town. For a North Melbourne game…

Brisbane Lions a cinch to win

Iron Mike reports on a 20 year old sporting curse that threatens to ruin Boomer’s 400th this weekend.

Oak Park Football Club – dreams on offer

A touching memoir in which Matt Watson recalls his childhood dreams – formed on the J P Fawkner Reserve – of playing in the big time. But there were other Oak Park players who made it. And we also discover how it came to pass that Matt is a North Melbourne fan.

Clichés of the press conference

Staying “on message”, Matt Watson lets Footy Almanac readers in on what really happens behind the scenes of your average footy presser.

Round 14 – Gold Coast v North Melbourne: Unreasonable demands

Matt Watson taps into every fans’ visceral hatred of losing. And this one’s made all the more hurtful through the realisation that it’s time for Arden St to go back to re-building mode.

My (absent) left foot

Matt Watson discusses how players in this day and age have lost the art of having a left foot.

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Sydney: The lapse – two quarters of football?

Taking nothing away from the Swans, Matt Watson laments North Melbourne’s ability to fall asleep at the wheel at crucial stages of games.

The bloody brutality of boxing – Daniel Geale

Iron Mike on the contrasting fortunes between two boxers who met on Saturday: Australian Daniel Geale and Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.

Killer instinct?

North supporter Matt Watson shares his disappointment as he discusses how North Melbourne may lack that killer instinct.

Round 8 – Geelong v Carlton: Dog Eat Dog

Matt Watson notes how AC/DC’s ‘Dog Eat Dog’ could well have been written with foresight to describe the predicament that Mick Malthouse and Carlton FC currently finds themselves in.

North Melbourne free zone

Matt Watson finds the inner (footy mad) child within all of us? What women couldn’t approve of home decorating by team colours?

The history of Essendon and North Melbourne

North Melbourne man Ironmike20, has felt the slings and arrows. Check out his memories of a classic rivalry (“I like beating Essendon a lot.”)

Powerglide – trash or treasure

Matt Watson finds some treasure among the trash at the Geebung tip shop. Who can help him with the history of this custom made billiard cue?

The Fight of the Century – Without Standards (updated)

Matt Watson sums up the Mayweather v Pacquiao bout and his feelings about the combatants.