Falcons triumph in the Middle East

The Abu Dhabi Falcons were tense in the sheds before the game. A few were attempting banter but it was difficult to get much more than nervous laughter out of anyone. Uncertainty over what the Doha Kangaroos were capable of was the main concern. That and the fact we were missing three blokes who were pretty handy. Coming [Read more]

Middle East Grand Final Preview: the one day in March

Today (Friday 25th) )is the biggest day of the year for AFL in the Middle East. The Abu Dhabi Falcons have made it through to the last Friday in March (LFIM, apologies Mr. Mosig!) with no defeats although have been put under pressure at times during the five round games. The Doha Kangaroos have earned [Read more]

The Abu Dhabi Falcons juice Muscat

The Abu Dhabi Falcons made the 4 ½ hour trip to Muscat for the third time in as many years. It’s one of the best and worst places to go. The best because the Magpies put on a great ‘after game’ in Rugby Union club facilities, (bbq feast and plentiful beers) and worst because it [Read more]

Match Report of Abu Dhabi Falcons Vs Doha Kangaroos

Author: The Postman (Due to privacy concerns our reporter is not fearless and requests a nomdeplume) Two and a half metres out from goal, Brohaska stands and takes the easiest of chest marks unopposed and barely a minute into the game.  Calmly he walks back off the mark and puts it through for a solid [Read more]

Abu Dhabi Falcons Player Profiles

By Dan Brooke (with assistance from Russell Yule) M Day: Flash or Flamer was the nickname decision. Flash won as Mick’s ability to go from here to there in the blink of an eye is superb. Almost manages to disguise his ginger taint through bright eyes and bushy tailed approach. Has promised to demonstrate on [Read more]

What do you say?

What do you say when you are living in a place, where on the day the floods hit Toowoomba and Grantham, we received our first rain for 12 months and probably only rain for the next 12 months? Barely enough to justify turning the wipers on. What do you say to the mate you’ve known [Read more]

Paddle for the Mentawais- The Journey

By Russell Yule On Thursday morning, Harold Shim and myself attempted the first ever SUP circumnavigation of Abu Dhabi. (SUP stands for stand up paddleboard. Kind of a long surfboard powered by a 7ft long paddle). Here is the story lifted from the blog I have been doing about our Paddle for the Mentawais to [Read more]

Paddle for the Mentawais – Get on Board!

by Russell Yule The tsunami that hit the Mentawais Islands in October is the second to affect the region in since 2004. Assistance has been made even more difficult as the region is moving into the monsoon season, with weather conditions this year being horrific. Storms bringing winds of more than 100km/hr have prevented boats, [Read more]

Falcons Vs Dingoes 12 Nov 2010

by Russell Yule The second round of the 2010-11 AFL-ME season kicked off with an early (10am) game between the Abu Dhabi Falcons and the Dubai Dingoes. The early start to avoid getting mixed up in the F1 World Title deciding event happening up the road and round the corner at Yas Island. (Any truth [Read more]

Footy hasn’t finished for the Year. It’s just starting up … in the Middle East!

By Russell Yule Sure, most of the football community is depressed with the thought of facing the next four months with Collingwood as Premiers. Well here is an opportunity to move on. Get on board the AFL-Middle East bandwagon. Be amongst those up the front driving it, rather than on the wagon part! Your humble [Read more]