Do We Go For Three?

In March 2013 my wife Briana and I welcomed our first son Lewis into the world. Lewis was already Proud, Passionate and Paid Up before birth (and before his father had adopted the updated slogan of Always Hawthorn – we’re now Made of Brown and Gold – all winners).

The swift act of membership commitment was made to ward off the yellow and black family roots, mixed with navy Blue diehards. His mother has been tormented by the Tiger turmoils of recent decades, whereas our fathers had lived through the glories of Bartlett, Hart and Tigerland premiership parties.

On the other hand I’d been blessed with consistent premiership success, especially through late primary school and early high school when peer influence can sweep many away from family football bonds.

My transfer of allegiance occurred in the pre-Auskick days, when you first played football at your local football club. Participants were placed in various teams. I was placed in the `Hawks’ rather than the Tigers, Cats, Dogs or Magpies. Despite my limited ability, I was handed number 3. The Hawthorn number 3 at the time was a pretty handy player who went around breaking behind posts.

Even in the dry late 90s and early Noughties, when watching the Hawks play at times was excruciating (I label it the period between tough Hawk champs such as Brereton, Dunstall, Platten and Ayres to the modern warriors of Mitchell, Hodge, Lewis, Roughead and Birchell), loyalty remained strong. In so many images, there is something brown and gold in my attire.

Even as my wife and I debated names, it was a five-goal performance from my favourite modern warrior `Jordo’ against Collingwood in late 2012 that sealed Lewis as name of choice for our first born (Lewis means Warrior).

So when Lewis arrived on that Friday morning in March, I declared 2013 was the Year of the Hawk. My reasoning was simplistic, optimistic and everything that every passionate sportsperson relies upon – omen disguised as superstition parading as luck in an act of folly.

The logic resonated from the birth year facts. I graced the world in 1976 (Hawk flag number 3) and Briana arrived into the world in 1986 (Hawk flag number 6). Lewis would be Hawk flag number 11 – a bond forever amongst my family. The Dockers never stood a chance. Even though the Grand Final wasn’t the quality spectacle of ’08, Lewis & I enjoyed regular viewings (and it helped heal the wounds of 2012).

When surprisingly Briana fell pregnant prior to Christmas 2013, our second child would arrive in August 2014. Upon announcement of the pregnancy to family and friends, the Facebook post opened with an image of Lewis announcing another Hawks flag, due to the upcoming arrival of his sibling.

There was less debate about the name this time – Briana’s late grandfather Frank influenced the pair of us getting together. However, the push of the wife wanting Franklin was never happening because a) no-one would believe this diehard Hawk it had nothing to do with the two-time premiership champ and b) that champ had defected north to the tormentors of 2012.

So when this wonderful Hawthorn outfit executed a performance bordering on perfection in 2014, with Lewis and Frank present to cheer home their boys, the family bond of birth year remained intact. On reflection this proud father has two sons and two Hawk flags to draw upon if the Hawks go off the boil and peer pressure drags them away from being Made of Brown and Gold.

Briana & I only want two children. Briana hates being pregnant, yet alone the birthing process. Requests to try for a girl have been hinted at by grandparents. Surrounded by Tiger sufferers and despondent Blue supporters, I appreciate the blessed football return I am enjoying. Premiership DVDs to watch regularly, memorabilia displayed throughout the home, and a great football team well worth the membership expense to watch.

So it is in debating this decision of another child (and a potential Hawk three-peat) I often ask, how swiftly would any supporters of the Tigers, Demons, Saints or Bulldogs choose to have a child if the act meant the ultimate September glory?


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About Bradley Thomas

Tried every sport, excelled at none. Enjoyed being a participant though. Among the passions are Hawthorn, thoroughbred racing, border collie Barney and of course, my wife and two sons. Love the joy of cheering a Hawthorn goal, landing a Running Double and deflating a batman's ego with slow swing bowling.


  1. Grant Fraser says

    Brilliant. Your observation is 100% correct. Get on the job, son.
    RG Fraser (born 1961) and father of Alexis (“born on the 4th of July” 2008)

    PS – ask J T Harms about this issue.

  2. Skip of Skipton says

    My mother was born in 1925 (first Cats flag) , her daughter 1951 (Cats flag), my niece 1981 (there was some funny business in the prelim with a bloke missing the bus, Cats should have won that and the GF the next week), my great niece born 2011. All first born daughters. Almost, but no cigar.

    As Denis Cometti said, “The Bulldogs win the flag every year Adam Ant is born!”

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