Almanac (Baseball) Memoir: What’s in a name? You’d be surprised.

American correspondent Glenn Brownstein discovered his dad named him after a well known baseball player of the time. Read his terrific story about the origin of his name.

Round 18 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Analyze this

Our American Sainter, Glenn Brownstein, hopes to solve some Aussie mysteries, much as St Kilda solved the Bulldogs on Saturday night.

Muhammad Ali: In Louisville, he’s finally The Greatest

Glenn Brownstein has returned from Australia to his home near Louisville, Kentucky, where you might guess what the top story is.

Round 9 – St Kilda v Essendon: Happy anniversary

Our St Kilda fan from Indiana, Glenn Brownstein, got to support his Saints at Etihad Stadium on Sunday. But that’s not the only reason it was a notable day.

Round 6 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Fast-break footy

Our American Saints fan, Glenn Brownstein, sees parallels between St Kilda’s relentless style and a famous basketball scheme. And can’t wait for the sequel.

Kentucky Derby 141: A two-horse race, and then some

Our man in Kentucky, Glenn Brownstein, previews the strongest field assembled in a generation to Run for the Roses. Get up early Sunday morning and make yourself a mint julep and settle in to watch one of the world’s great horse races.

Round 1 – St Kilda v GWS: Nothing’s clear yet

As the fog of disappointment lifts from Saturday’s loss to the GWS, our States-side Sainter – Glenn Brownstein – still remains unsure what season 2015 bodes for St Kilda.

AFL Round 20 – St Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Lenny and me

Glenn Brownstein has had his own battle with Guillane-Barre Syndrome in recent times. He considers the lot of those who struggle. He considers how Lenny Hayes has approached life.

Dipping a toe in the bucket

Sporting bucket lists – we all have one. GlennB, our man in Kentucky, shares his Australian bucket list and calls for us Aussies to outline our American versions.

Kentucky Derby Day

Glenn Brownstein gives us the inside oil on the Kentucky Derby straight from the horse’s mouth.

AFL Round 11 – St. Kilda v West Coast: Saints preserve us!

Sometimes barracking for the Saints seems a lot like expecting Charlie Brown to finally kick the football Lucy always pulls away, writes Glenn Brownstein.

AFL Round 1 – Gold Coast v St. Kilda: A master and a mystery

US correspondent Glenn Brownstein says there are many questions hovering over his Saints but there seem to be few answers in sight.

My winter vacation

Glenn Brownstein discovered The Footy Almanac from Louisville, Kentucky. and has been a wonderful correspondent. Glenn and Debbie spent the summer (their winter) here and, thanks to Yvette Wroby and David Downer, many of us were able to meet them. Here are some of Glenn’s observations.

A Saints sum-up (sort of)

Predictable: The Saints were always predictable. You knew how “Saints footy” would match up week to week – and how the chapters would inevitably build to a disappointing conclusion. Unpredictable: These Saints are impossible to fathom. Loss-win-win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win-loss-win-loss. Glorious wins over Carlton and Sydney. Difficult losses to Port Adelaide and Fremantle. Breakneck clashes (albeit both losses) [Read more]

Kentucky’s Uncivil War

The footy season starts in earnest this weekend, but here in Louisville all attention will be paid to an historic college basketball game ­– for the first time, the University of Louisville Cardinals will play the University of Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA Final Four. Wallabies vs. All Blacks? Collingwood vs. Carlton? Try more like [Read more]

A thousand miles from home

  by Glenn Brownstein I spent my New Year’s Eve in Houston, Texas. A thousand miles and a thousand dollars from home. To see a college football game ignored by most folks. Doesn’t make sense. Or does it? What drives us to travel across a country or halfway around a globe to follow our favorite [Read more]

Coach rules

  by Glenn Brownstein So the Saints have a new coach, former Collingwood assistant Scott Watters. By all accounts, he’s a little more of a players’ coach, and a little more marketing- and community-minded, all necessary qualities. If he can just keep the Saints out of the police blotter until NAB Cup time, that alone [Read more]

The Best and Fairest excuse

So I called the boss at the newspaper the other day. Said I wasn’t coming in. He asked why. “General soreness,” I said. “A bit of this, a bit of that. You know how it is.” “Um, no,” he said. “Not able to take the mark like usual. Not able to fly into the contests.” [Read more]

Fantasy and reality

It’s easy to confuse fantasy with reality in sports. Three months ago even the thought that the Saints would be contenders for the finals – let alone a home final – was pure fantasy. Or that Justin Koschitzke would be a difference-maker. Now? Sometimes the line is clear. Dream Team is pure fantasy – pick [Read more]

Odyssey of USA Saint

It all started at a bus stop 36 years ago. Little things beget big things. At that bus stop, I met my future wife on a double blind date when the pairing was determined by who boarded a bus first (she chose not to). Then in the early 80s, we could only afford to send [Read more]