AFLW Round 4 – Collingwood v GWS: Destination Morwell

Sydney-sider Georgina Hibberd has vowed to attend every GWS game this AFLW season. On Sunday she completed a round trip to Morwell to see her Giants take on Collingwood, her first taste of footy at a Victorian country ground. The Giants did not let her down.

Junior Umpiring: Seeking Gender Equality at the Grass Roots

‘Aside from the cash difference, my major concern is the message this payment system sends to junior umpires.’ Georgina Hibberd noticed something on the payment sheet when her son took up junior umpiring that perpetuates the attitude of women’s and girls’ footy being seen as ‘less’.

Almanac Rugby League – Women’s Rugby League: Origin surprise

Georgina watched the start of the Rugby League Women’s Origin because a piece of HISTORY was happening. In fact, Georgina ended up watching the whole game, not only for the fact that finally women were playing footy on such a stage but because she thoroughly enjoyed the football.

AFLW Round 7 – GWS Giants v Brisbane: Hope and expectation

Georgina Hibberd allowed her hope for the Giants this season to turn into something more – expectation. So Friday night’s loss cut especially deep when the Lions ended any chance of GWS appearing in the 2018 Grand Final.

AFLW Round 6 – GWS Giants v Western Bulldogs: Golden Girls put Dogs back on the leash

Well there’s a big, big sound from the West of the town and Georgina Hibberd wasn’t going to miss seeing something special by her mighty Giants. So she travelled to Canberra on Saturday night after a hectic week to watch GWS take on the Dogs.

AFLW Round 5 – Fremantle v GWS Giants: ‘We didn’t fly five hours to lose.’

Georgina Hibberd is slowly letting hope in as her GWS Giants are coming into form at the right time in the short AFLW Season, defeating Fremantle on the road on Saturday.

AFLW Round 4 – GWS v Adelaide: Tackled

Georgina Hibberd made it through the deluge at Drummoyne in Round 2 so was well prepared for the weather gods to strike again at Blacktown on Sunday, though was not prepared for the deflating draw.

AFLW Round 3 – Collingwood v GWS: Someone was finally going to take home the points

Georgina Hibberd was thankful to be in the comfort of her home this week watching her Giants after last week’s experience in the eye of the storm, and the result was a lot sweeter as well.

AFLW Round 2 – GWS v Carlton: Everything explodes

Despite the deluge at Drummoyne, Georgina Hibberd weathered the storm (literally) to cheer on her Giants in a fierce contest against Carlton.