Family spills the beans

It’s not often that the Swans play in Melbourne. And I always try to make an effort to see my boys live every possible time when they are in Melbourne. But sometimes it just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes I have footy to play. Other times I have work. And sometimes it happens to be [Read more]

Cobba’s Big Tennis Adventure

Let me take you back to March 2008. I was surfing the net looking at various sport sites. I came across the Australian Open website which looked like it hadn’t been updated since a day after the tournament ended. However there was one new story on the list. It read “Australian Open Ballkid Applications Now [Read more]

Tennis Nations

There is an old saying that “Tennis brings out the crazy in us”. Okay. I’ll be honest it’s not a real saying. I just made it up. But it is true nevertheless. Tennis is such a fanatical and passionate sport. It is something about the Australian Open that makes the fans go crazy. It might [Read more]

“Sneaky Butcher” (or HPV 101)

by Jake “Cobba” Stevens A lot of footy fans (and probably most of you on this site) have, at one time or another, tried to explain what Aussie Rules footy is to someone from another country. It’s not as easy job to do. And I would imagine trying to picture how it is would be [Read more]

Time to put the jumper away

Today was footy day. Footy day is the day at school when everyone was allowed to dump the school uniform and dress up in our favourite team’s colours. We kicked the footy’s on the oval at lunch as we munched on our cheaper-than-usual pies bought from the canteen. Of course, I wore my Sydney guernsey, [Read more]

A Trip North to Remember

At school I often get asked why I barrack for the Sydney Swans. The reason is because my dad was a old South Melbourne supporter. So when they moved up north, naturally dad (and the rest of his family) become passionate supporters of Sydney instead. I try to go to every Sydney game they play [Read more]

Life: What’s in a name?

After reading my copy of The Footy Almanac 2009, I was inspired and thought this could be my perfect opportunity to follow my dream to become a sports journalist. So I decided to sign up to this wonderful website and try and contribute something to this awesome collection. My dream of being a sports journalist [Read more]