Mum Shows Them How to Barrack

Yesterday, Mum and I went to the ‘G for our favourite winter outing: footy. Mum is 81, and I am the eldest of her 9 kids. I am 58 and still learning not to get sucked in by annoying oppostion footy barrackers. I use my radio earpiece to block out annoying comments. Is that what [Read more]

The Disinterested Boy

You see him at the footy, or on the replay. At the MCG or on the Dome. He sits behind the goals, next to the bag of spare footies. It’s a prime position to watch your heroes on the big stage. What a gig! He probably even gets paid for it, too. I have been [Read more]

Round 4: The taming of Adelaide

“The taming of Adelaide” What’s happened to Adelaide? The town and the supporters? When I booked our trip to Adelaide as a January birthday present for my husband (who doesn’t really follow the footy as keenly as I do), I expected to feel some heat. Seasoned supporters told me I was brave, their supporters were [Read more]

AFL Round 17: Disaster for the Blues at the MCG

by Barbara Smith Apparently, life’s experiences are a rich tapesty, woven together to make us the person we end up being. I accept that, & feel that mine will be quite colourful. In particular, the footy threads in my life tapestry will be stunning, with lots of contrast. One more thread was added on Friday night [Read more]

AFL Round 15: I just love it when Fev cuts loose

By Barbara Smith Saturday’s game at the MCG between Carlton and Richmond was marred by a swirling wind and promised little. Rain threatened all day but did not eventuate. What would you expect in Melbourne? The strong wind was behaving as badly as school children do on a windy day, and there were willy-willies on [Read more]

AFL Round 14: Worth the WACA trip to see the Yellows

By Barbara Smith Freo was always going to be a danger game for Carlton. Freo gave the Cats a big fright two matches ago, and are scary at home. Plus, after the last few see-sawing weeks, you never know which Carlton team is going to turn up: the hungry one or the one that seems disinterested. [Read more]