The Disinterested Boy

You see him at the footy, or on the replay. At the MCG or on the Dome.
He sits behind the goals, next to the bag of spare footies.
It’s a prime position to watch your heroes on the big stage.
What a gig! He probably even gets paid for it, too.

I have been watching him for a couple of seasons now. He is probably about 16 or 17, has had his curly hair cut short. He intrigues me. What is he doing there??
I never see him actually do anything, but I reckon his job must be to collect the footies that the crowd throws back, maybe even stop them from nicking any.

He must be in heaven, watching the ball come down to the forward line, the players jostling for position, wrestling, taking great marks, spitting chips at the umpire, kicking crucial goals.  And it’s all unfolding right in front of him.

He must have a contact at the AFL. How else could he land such a prime job. His dad must be on the board of the AFL, the MCC or Etihad Stadium. Teenage boys would pay for the privelege of being in his spot. He must be over the moon to be there, front row seats, the lucky thing!

But no, he’s not. He looks bored to sobs. Players can wrestle, run, kick spectacular goals for his entertainment, and he looks like he’s waiting for a church service to end. Unbelievable.

My husband reckons he must be a rugby supporter.
I call him the disinterested boy.
Who is he & why is he there?


  1. Great question Barbara.

    I too am intrigued by the young kid behind the goals. Being a teenager myself, I would do anything to trade positions with him, even if it was to see a Port Adelaide v West Coast game in front of 5,000 people at a rain drenched AAMI Stadium.

    And, too, the painful thing is he gets paid for it.

  2. LOL i dunno but i recon the water girls have the better job! :P
    Running out to those good-looking footy players, making sure they remain hydrated…*swoon*
    Must admit i do check out the ball boys and i know the exact disinterested one you are on about.

  3. Barbara,
    There was one time when said boy was caught on camera having a bet with the secuiry guard sitting next to him on the outcome of a shot at goal. It can therefore be assumed that his motive for sitting behind the goal is to provide betting opportunities with his “insider the fence” knowledge. Adrian Anderson needs to look into this immediately as the fabric of the game is surely at risk

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