2012 AFL Grand Final: Hug me like the world is ending

The recent Hawks v Swans blockbuster had more than a touch of 2012 Grand Final magic. Its a good time for a look back at Swans fan David Williams’ recollection of that great match.

AFL Round 14 – Sydney v Carlton: Not exactly a bloodbath

David Williams and his mates are determined to reenact the Swans/Blues “Bloodbath” of 1945. While everyone is game for the pre-match requirement of downing six beers, who will put their hand up to whack the goal umpire?

AFL Round 6 – Sydney v Brisbane: Footy and family – life is good

David Williams loves the similarities between his trip to the SCG with his young daughter and his grandfather and mother’s trip to the Brunswick Street Oval to watch their beloved Roy Boys.

NAB Cup set to follow Keenan Cup traditions

  The 2011 season is yet to reach its crescendo and rumours already abound regarding the format of the 2012 pre-season competition. The NAB Cup utilised a three-way play-off system in the 2011 pre-season, and this successful format is set to be taken to even greater heights. The AFL has been keeping a close eye [Read more]

Arma’s Club Corner – Edition 3

by Arma Nasco Adelaide: Has recently launched “Super Seven” on Crows TV where they feature seven super moments from the previous round. It wasn’t hard for them to come up with a good set of seven from their opening round win. Looking forward to seeing if the “Super Seven” idea still has legs in the [Read more]

Arma’s Club Corner – Edition 2

by Arma Nasco Adelaide: Could Lleyton Hewitt be behind the Crows’ latest interesting initiative, “The Tribe”? Apparently there will be 60 specially recruited Crows fans to become a part of The Tribe; their charter being to make noise. Sound a bit like The Fanatics? C’mon (everyone please point to your forehead now) !!!! OK, let’s [Read more]

Arma’s Club Corner

by Arma Nasco Adelaide: Marking 20 years since its first Trial Game at Football Park; a victory over Essendon (1991). Crows team featured John Klug and Romano Negri. Brisbane: The pride of lions no longer includes Proud. Carlton: A “highly spirited” intra-club match rekindles fond memories of vision of the Setanta O’Hailpin and Cameron Cloke [Read more]

Headlines Heresy Halted – Hooray!

In a recent Federal Court case, Justice Bennett found that newspaper headlines are not protected under Copyright law. Footy sub-editors must have breathed a collective sigh of relief. A ruling the other way could have rendered a gem like “Power switched on” never to be repeated again – the prospect of being a very sad [Read more]

Incidents That Stick

What could Helen D’Amico, Trevor Chappell and John Kerr possibly have in common? Maybe that the mention of their name is likely to have anyone under the age of about thirty-five scratching their head. But for those of us ever-so-slightly older, these names will bring an incident immediately to mind; an incident that is intrinsically [Read more]

Grand Final Nirvana – Celebrity Skin

With Grand Final week looming large, ready yourself for the celebrity footy supporter to come out of hibernation. You know the type. Those that are prominently positioned at one of the front tables at the Grand Final breakfast; proudly garbed-out in their “never soiled by dripping sauce from a Four ‘N’ Twenty” scarf – still [Read more]

To Boo or Not to Boo?

My name is Arma and I boo. I have booed for many years now; only ever between the months of March and September. My booing is an insidious activity that I have been able to cleverly conceal from my family, friends and work colleagues. But now is the time for me to announce to the [Read more]

Redheads to Become Extinct?

There were alarming reports of a National Geographic article having suggested that redheads would eventually become extinct. This story was later debunked in September 2007 and Geelong went on to annihilate Port Adelaide in the Grand Final; taking out their first Premiership since 1963. Less than 2% of the world’s population are redheads. By contrast, [Read more]

The Cult Heroes

After Kyle Hardingham’s first game for Essendon in Round 17, Dan Silkstone of The Age was so impressed that he proclaimed that “the Bomber faithful had a new cult hero”. A couple of exciting hangers and four majors was just the debut that Essendon fans would have been hoping for from Hardingham. But was it [Read more]

The Much-Maligned

It’s hard to find an article covering the woes of the Etihad Stadium surface without the term “much-maligned” being front and centre. I must admit to having been a “much-maligned” enthusiast for many years – dating back to the early days of Corey McKernan when he, much like the Etihad surface now, appeared to have [Read more]