Arma’s Club Corner

by Arma Nasco

Adelaide: Marking 20 years since its first Trial Game at Football Park; a victory over Essendon (1991). Crows team featured John Klug and Romano Negri.

Brisbane: The pride of lions no longer includes Proud.

Carlton: A “highly spirited” intra-club match rekindles fond memories of vision of the Setanta O’Hailpin and Cameron Cloke preseason action.

Collingwood: Eddie gets Falafel and Folau confused, not that he ever ventured west of Balmain whilst living in Sydney.

Essendon: Revealed that the previous game plan may have had one or two problems. Thinking about playing a stronger defensive game in 2011. There’s a revelation.

Fremantle: Set to venture out in the predominantly purple guernsey for the pre-season games.

Geelong: Not missing Garry a bit according to all public comment.

Gold Coast: Two byes in the first nine rounds could make SuperCoach players a little reticent to recruit too many Suns.

Hawthorn: Played their club song after an intra-club game. Losing team could also join in apparently.

Melbourne: Has had Jim Stynes pumping up “the ambitious target” of 40,000 members, only to have their membership department’s phones out of action (again).

North Melbourne: Just playing everything down at the minute. Ben McKinley’s 6 goals, Drew Petrie’s return, Jack Ziebell’s injury scare …….. ah yeah, na, not much in any of this.

Port Adelaide: Major sponsor re-signed. Phew!

Richmond: Has launched a “Fighting Tiger Fund” program, a reminder of those Richmond supporters shaking their tins in the “Save Our Skins” campaign of the ‘90s. Everything old is new again.

Sydney: Swans Members outraged at receiving an email from GWS soliciting their support. Welcome to a competitive environment Sydney Swans.

StKilda: Mourn the loss of the great Darrel “doc” Baldock.

West Coast: Is already heralding Andrew Gaff, Jack Darling, Scott Lycett and Anton Hamp as the “Fab Four”. Don’t want to put to much pressure on the youngsters now do we?

Western Bulldogs: In a fantastic initiative has launched Bulldog Lotto. Rumours that it is loosely based on Chook Lotto are entirely unfounded.

GWS: The Sheedy Hot Air Poaching Balloon is off the ground. Destination unknown. Time to call in Mulder and Scully – although Mulder may be past it.

That is all


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  1. Nice work, Arma. Hope this will be a regular feature this season.

  2. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Like the Hawthorn bit Arma, good stuff.

    Gigs, today I noticed a bluish,yellow grey bruise just on the lower left side of the thigh,thanks to one of your nasty, late inswingers.

    Not that it’s your fault…you’ve probably seen better batters in a fish shop.

  3. Arma real fan of yours Mr Nasco

  4. #3. That joke was just TOO bad. Arma geddon out of here.

  5. Thank you for the kind words team.

    #1. Gigs, given the absolute flood of feedback, it would be unfair not make this a regular feature (tongue firmly in cheek).

    That is all

  6. Sounds like an Arma chair critic…

  7. Arma gett’n sika your gags Gigs.

  8. Andrew Fithall says

    Read closely and I think you will soon realise what armament.

  9. Arma hoping arma not harm’n Arma and can avoid drama from bad Karma.

    And you are right Arma we aren’t missing Gazza a bit at the moment. The season hasn’t started yet. Watch this spot.

  10. After all of these very witty comments, I dare not contribute to “The Nickname Says It All” discussion.

    That is all

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