A Barracker’s Guide to Footy Survival

Old mate Joe Moore presents your one-stop guide to surviving a football match. What to eat, what to wear, what to drink and who to listen to – it’s all here.

Everything Old is New Again: Sydney Swans Season Preview 2015

Not even the bloody sparrows will dampen Joe Moore’s hopes for Sydney in 2015. Some impressive additions to the Swans list and record pet memberships have hopes high for the Bloods.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Three: A Retraction

Joe Moore eats humble pie and issues an apology to SPD Smith for earlier statements doubting his cricketing ability.

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Three: Dhawan’s Theory

Joe Moore samples the best of both worlds; Sheffield Shield cricket at Bellerive with the radio tuned to the Adelaide Oval.

I’ll Mow the Pitch, You Shine the Cherry

Joe Moore’s touching homage to Phil Hughes and the spirit of cricket in Australia

Au revoir, ANZ Stadium

Joe Moore, fresh from his trip south, responds to the decision to drop Homebush as a Swans venue withdancing in the aisles (or memories of, at least).

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 3: Generation X Factor?

Joe Moore is scratching is head over the selection of this Australian team. X-factor? Technique? Temperament?

What my Footy Club means to me

Joe Moore loves his footy club, and tells us why. What does your footy club mean to you?

AFL Grand Final – Sydney v Hawthorn: I’m not angry, just disappointed

Swans supporter Joe Moore took his extended family from Hobart to Melbourne for a memorable grand final day. Everything was brilliant before and after the game. The problem was the bit in between.

350 and beyond: Congratulations Adam Goodes

Joe Moore leads the ovation for Adam Goodes (#37), ahead of his 350th league game this weekend. [Terrific account of the great man’s accomplishments – Ed].

Mitch Clark’s Mental Courage

Joe Moore sticks up for Mitch Clark and reckons that his obligations to his own health outweigh football and contractual issues.

AFL Qualifying Final – Sydney v Fremantle: Voltaren and Victory

Joe Moore was laid up with a bad back, but his Swans carried him over the couch in a bone jarring clash with the Fremantle Dockers.

AFL Round 21 – Sydney v St Kilda: Half Time Hero

As well as watching Buddy and the Swans take care of the Saints, Joe Moore was at the SCG to farewell a cult hero.

Footy: a soundtrack to our lives

For Joe Moore a world without music would be the equivalent of a world without football. Joe joins some dots, via Tex Walker, Bon Jovi, Dermie, Twisted Sister, Bob Murphy, Al Green, The Temper Trap and more.

Peerless Pebbles: A Tribute to Ryan O’Keefe

Joe Moore pays homage to Ryan O’Keefe a footballer universally admired for his skill, toughness and fairness. Joe reckons he’s the heart of the modern Bloods. Add your own tribute.

AFL Round 19 – Sydney v Essendon: Mid Winter Meandering

Joe Moore got to enjoy two magical experiences this past weekend, snow at their cabin on Cradle Mountain in Tassie and a Swans victory over the Bombers on Friday night. With both wine and a TV at hand, both the snowman and Joe had a splendid weekend.

To Boo Must Become Taboo

Joe Moore argues that buying a ticket to a game doesn’t entitle fans to boo players. What sort of example does this set for the next generation of footy fans?

AFL Round 18 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Solace in Icelandic Ambience

Joe Moore tunes into a little “Fighting Shit” to calm the nerves before his Swans take on the Hawks. It was a great contest, but why did they name the band after Buddy’s goal kicking?

AFL Round 17 – Sydney v Carlton: Musings of a Green Thumb

Joe Moore is establishing a new garden at his Hobart home. His Sydney Swans will flower like Joe’s garden in the spring.

Dear Eddie

ATTENTION EDDIE MCGUIRE; this Swan (no not Dane) has officially had enough. An annoyed Joe Moore writes to Eddie ‘The Equaliser’ on behalf of all Sydney fans.