Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 1: Tickets please!

When one is travelling interstate there are many things that have to be organised, or more correctly stated by Sunil, my travelling companion, to be disorganised.


Airbnb has been booked, but bugger it, I have booked at the south end of town by mistake. You all know that the ground is in North Adelaide. The next thing is tickets and here is where the SACA is a wonderful ground to be a member. You can buy a companion card that is fully transferrable.


To show what a marvel this is let me give you an example. Several years ago, a group of mates from Castlemaine came over for the match. Each session one of them would put on the only decent shirt they possessed and come into the members for a look around. They simply swapped the card over.


I have a companion cards and members cards going back years but I am throwing them all out when I get home. When I arrived in Adelaide, I found I have bought over last year’s cards!


Sunil and I have been cricketing mates for years, going to Tests and umpiring in the Merks. He has been a man on a mission for fifty years. He has an ambition to correct the mispronunciation of Indian names. I have enjoyed mispronouncing Punjab but he ignores me now.


Sunil and my son Pete will share the companion card so one will have to sit in the outer. Usually on the fourth day members can buy extra companion cards but they have all sold out; too many Indians.


Food has to be prepared. Sandwiches, iced water, nuts, reading materials are all packed.


The big issue is not the Aussie batting but will the iced donuts take the heat. Probably not so they stay in the fridge but we are all prepared so come on cricket.


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