Assumption College’s Hall of Excellence Opening and their Team of the Century


Assumption College in Kilmore is renowned as one of Australian football’s greatest ‘factories’, but a look through the accomplishments of its Alumni shows that sporting achievement is merely the top of the iceberg. From medicine, engineering, the arts, finance and the judiciary, Assumption College has a rich history of former students who have gone on to be leaders in their fields.

Earlier this year, Assumption opened its Hall of Excellence, inducting 20 past past pupils including Francis Bourke, Fred Schepsi and Gabrielle Richards.

Carroll and Sheedy

Coaching icons; Ray Carroll and Kevin Sheedy (pic courtesy of Peter Traynor; “Sheeds asked me to take his pic with a coach he openly acknowledged had a better win-loss ratio than his own…”)

As well as opening the Hall of Excellence, Assumption also named its Team of The Century; no easy task when your past students include Bill Brownless, Neale Daniher, Francis Bourke, Peter McCormack, Peter Crimmins and Shane Crawford, to name just a few! To see some great pics of the assembled Team of the Century and see the team in full, click HERE


2015 02 ack 78ers 087a-2

Ray Carroll, Kevin Sheedy and Mick O’Sullivan realising a life-long dream: to be photographed with Almanacker Mark Branagan (left). (pic courtesy of Peter Traynor).



On a not-completely unrelated topic, if you’ve always wanted to see Neale Daniher guest starring as a food critic then this is for you!

Our correspondent Peter Traynor alerted us to a new website and Youtube Channel aimed at making food for those with various food allergies etc. Their first episode was on making lasagne, and Neale was the special guest taster.


(Neale makes his long-awaited debut at 18m:05s)







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