Asian Cup 2015: The Story You Didn’t See

The Socceroos have made it through to the final of the 2015 Asian Cup.

Since booking their spot in the title playoff with a two-nil victory over the United Arab Emirates in Tuesday night’s semi-final, most daily newspapers across the country have thrown their editorial support behind Ange Postecoglou and his lads (the Courier Mail – understandably – has had bigger issues to concern itself with).

There is, however, one story which seems to have been overlooked by editors and chiefs of staff at our major newspapers; that despite recent tragedies in Sydney and Paris, the Asian Cup has seen absolutely no sectarian (or ANY) violence creep onto the terraces at AAMI Park, Suncorp Stadium, ANZ Stadium or in Newcastle.

Indeed, as Athas Zafiras writes in the widely read soccer blog Shoot Farken, matches in the Asian Cup have seen fans put aside generations of division and hatred and instead celebrate what has been some great soccer. But hardly any column inches in Victoria’s daily papers have been given over to the harmony and unity crowds have displayed.


Does the Herald Sun have an interest in promoting dialogue and trust with a maligned community? Based on the evidence presented, the answer is an overwhelming NO. They’ve got papers to sell, an agenda to set and fear to breed. Hell, why confuse the feral football fans/feral Muslims narrative.


You can read Athas Zafiras’ though-provoking look at how a trouble-free Asian Cup appears to have run counter to Victorian daily newspapers desired narrative about Australia’s Muslim community in full by clicking this link.




  1. Great article Athas. Right on the money. And North and South Korea, Japan and China coexisting peacefully on the football pitch.
    Thanks for reprinting it Almanac Ed.
    Technology gives a terrible capacity for a tiny minority to wreake havoc and destruction in the misbegotten pursuit of a creed, belief or crazy obsession (think ice). Human nature doesn’t change but our power for good or ill increases exponentially with technology.
    What did John Williamson sing: “good news never made a paper sell”. We all need the angels of our better nature at these time.
    Amiin ya Allah.

  2. Yep, brilliant thought-provoking stuff Athas.
    But unfortunately so unsurprising.

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    It’s a terrible indictment on a great tournament, Athas.Surname spelled ‘Zafiris’. Soccer and Muslims are convenient enemies. Eddie and his mates fear that soccer will take over and become the number one sport in Australia. Have done for years. They believe that soccer will drain the talent pool in Aussie Rules.
    My question: Is there any justification in having these fears?

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