Are We There Yet? Yes. We. Are!


Look, I couldn’t be happier: we now have an AFLW. In a few years they will be treated equally and as courteously as the AFLM*. A woman coached the first AFLW premiership team**. She did things differently from the blokes. And it was wonderful to watch her success.


But this week, my bliss reached new heights. I barrack for Hawthorn in the AFLM. And Tracey Gaudry was appointed as the Hawks’ CEO. The first female AFL CEO at this level. Wowee!


I watched her interviews. She is incredibly well qualified: as a sportswoman, an Olympian and someone who will make a difference. She has terrific governance and corporate knowledge and experience. Aside from her sporting credentials, academically she has a Master of Management as well as a bachelor’s degree in science and commerce.  You can read more about her at the Hawthorn website.




She told us she had been a Hawks supporter for a month. And she is currently unimpressed with the team’s performance. I am, too, just in case there’s any doubt.


I don’t know where her allegiances lay before this, but welcome to our new famous supporter. She salutes Alastair Clarkson, so I’m also happy there. It’s clear she will work at an operational and corporate level to ensure things work out well in the end: which probably won’t happen this year.


I’m looking forward to the day when we won’t notice female CEOs or coaches in the sports arena. At the moment, we need to celebrate them, as they are rare on the ground at the very top level. I am incredibly proud that my team, the mighty Hawks, has chosen to appoint Tracey. They are the mighty Hawks for saying, yes; a woman who has skills and talent in this area can do it.


Some words of advice from the deep trenches of old feminism for Tracey: don’t resign because the Hawks might not be in the top 8 over the next two or three years. Their recruiters and coach have decided to revamp the team and you cannot rebuild in 20 minutes. So, when things are bad, feel free to ring me or come home for a cuppa. There are things in sport outside of your control.


I have a new spring in my step today. I’m proud of my club. I know Tracey will do all she can. I know I’m lucky to support a team that is cutting edge.


Oh, but go Adelaide women till coach Goddard ends up coaching the Hawks!


*AFL is a generic term. AFLM means the blokes who play footy.


** Yeah, yeah, we know my niece is coach of Adelaide AFLW.

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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Well said Anne. Good decision Hawks.

  2. John Butler says

    Anne, it has been instructive to watch analysis of this appointment in the football media. Very little mention of Ms Gaudry’s CV or record. Much speculation on how she will get on with Mr Clarkson. It’s a relevant issue, but not the whole story.

    Still a way to go.

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