ANZAC Day in Brisvegas

Round 6 Anzac Day

Anzac Day is my favourite day of the year, as a Primary School Teacher we have a fantastic Anzac Service the day before. Students get to learn about what it means to be an Australian, they learn about hardship, sacrifice and looking after your mates. They learn about “diggers”, “trenches” and “fighting against the odds.” You get a sense of satisfaction about imparting this important knowledge on. This time of the year I get pumped up.

The ritual starts at midday as I garner nourishment for the big day ahead, three matches back to back, two featuring my favourite teams. The third featuring teams I love to see play. I get to see the ANZAC ceremony three times, stand during the minute silence and think about how good it is to be Australian.

The day starts badly; Pies are down by 6 goals, she who must be obeyed starts to really worry. I get asked what my expectations are as this will gauge my mood for the rest of the weekend. Saturday is a planned breakfast, movie day together; if the pies get walloped then I’m no fun. I say I don’t mind to try and ease her mind, I think the clenched fists give it away. The comeback starts, I leap from my chair every time we goal, nine in a row, and I figure I’m exercising. Great win, great start to the day, the lab looks up at me with this strange look as I dance around the veranda. All of a sudden I’m happy, Swanny is back, frontal pressure has been restored and my favourite Queenslander Beamsy has had a blinder.

I hydrate and ready for the next big game, Saints v Lions. I wonder if we can get within 5 goals, such are my expectations. At the start of the season I pencilled this in as a real good chance, but the Saints have surprised and the Lions have been injured.

Well what an achievement, our first win of the season, in the land of the long white cloud. The Red’s Rugby team can’t win there, the Broncos always struggle but the mighty Lions prevailed. Half time and I’m fist pumping everyone in sight, dancing and singing and hoping for the double, Pies and Lions. Leppa has them on fire, the Great Dane Zorko is on over 100 supercoach points, Patfull is smashing Riewoldt and Aish is proving why we should have gone for young draft picks 5 years ago,( although every time I see Port play I curse that we let Polec go.) 19 points up at 3qtr time and I’m over the moon, she who must be obeyed has been caught up in it ( She loves the Lions ). We are feeling tense though, the Saints have momentum, they keep scoring, and we are tired. The last few minutes are as tense as the 2002 Grand Final (Rocca did score that goal). When Savage throws the ball with the wind 80 metres over Adcock’s head we celebrate, those 50 metres have never felt better. When the siren goes we celebrate louder than Leppa did in the box, we hug, kiss and high five. The song never felt better. What a day, I’m thinking the Meatloaf song “two out of three aint bad” is ok as we go straight to WA for the Kangas v Dockers.

I like the Kangas because of 2 blokes, Boomer and Brad Scott. They are like the North Queensland Cowboys; they have talent, speed, skill and are exciting to watch. They love scoring heavily but always falter at the final hurdle. They were going to match it with the defensive Dockers who play the most boring footy. Just as well they have Fyfe, but man I wish they could attack. They have Pav, just give him an open 50 and give him the ball.

Dockers started well but Boomer smashed Crowley (here’s one for the good guys) and even though I was exhausted (as a newt) I hung in and saw the Roo boys win and had the perfect end to a big day. Three wins when I thought only 1 would happen, perfect Anzac day an entrée to a great weekend.

Side note: The breakfast and movies was great (Cameron Diaz is a babe) but the 2 hours of shopping in between reduced the buzz I was feeling but after 10 hours of Footy, I owed someone.


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good stuff qldpies35 v enjoyable good laugh glad that , Aishy had a blinder and I must admit I was barracking for the 3 winners also ( Ad Uni got thumped tho that didn’t help )
    Am happy that , Maxwell continues to silence the knockers and Grundy is killing them ta !

  2. Nice story this one.
    I went for a run as the Anzac Day game started. It was 27 degrees and humid. I was running into the wind, sun in my face, up a hill as Essendon extended their lead to six goals.
    An hour into the run, I was rooted and Collingwood had leveled the scores.
    I got home midway through the third quarter, totally rooted, totally happy to see the Bombers collapsing.
    Midway through dinner, the Lions weren’t going to lose. That annoyed me.
    By the time North edged in front of Fremantle, I was shattered. North’s win was a pick-me-up. I was too loud in celebration. TV off, ordered to bed…

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