Anzac Day at Avoca: Take 2

I don’t like doing it once, but now i’ve done it twice. What is that?  It is submit a draft, long before it was ready, hitting the wrong key! How embarrassing. So now, this is meant to be, the  race review as plannned.

This year’s Anzac Day meeting coincided with the 99th anniversary of the disastrous invasion at Gallipoli.  For many years it was a solemn day, a day of reflection, to remember those who’d fallen. It is now becoming more a celebration, a day to get pissed and act in a jingoistic manner. Five of my mother’s uncles served in the First AIF, one did not return, the others all came back injured in various ways. It is important to remember Anzac Day, remember the sacrifices, but do it in a informed manner where we learn a balanced history of the event(s), not the jingoistic razzamataz which has come to the forefront in the last quarter of a century. It is too important a day not to be understood and remembered in an informed, mature manner.

Any how, enough of my soap box, off to Avoca for the races.  There was a six race card, the first @ 13-20. We arrived 15 minutes prior, and could we find a race book? Not on your nelly ! Charging around from bar to bar, information stall, asking people in the know, however there were no race guides available. Finally we were told they would photocopy the booklet, being available after race two.  This was the only lowlight of a nice day out. Oh well, borrow friends race books was the solution.  Anyhow back to more positive things. Avoca as always turned on the hospitality, with some lovely weather to round it off, as we settled in for a good days racing.

Riding, and training honurs were shared around, with no stand out performances. As is often the wont in the West of Victoria, the female hoops had a good day out, as the girls saluted in four of the six races.  These victories included Kate Walters on Royal Couture in the second. Can some body remind me the last time Kate rode a winner, as she rarely rides nowadays. One Avoca specialist who was not present was Nikita Berriman, who rides well on this track .  Amongst the male hoops, Dean Yendall had a good book of rides, but only saluted once , booting home ‘The Ringleader’ in the last.

Yours truly finished up in front courtesy of some nice, small collects, combined with one winner, the intriguingly named ‘Fill The Fridge’. This horse seems to enjoy itself on track here.  In three starts it has won twice, though in its other run it finished in that most vexed of positons for each way punters; fourth!

We return to Avoca again on Saturday October 18;  Avoca Cup Day. Until then there are other tracks to visit, other locations to enjoy. These will/may, include Corowa, Berrigan, beyond that who knows. As they say, ‘The future is unwritten’. Until then, happy punting.





  1. Looked like a beautiful day to be at avoca.
    Kate Walters has had a frustrating run of “outs” since a Naracoorte win on Feb 27.
    She mostly rides around the SA/Vic border area, usually for her Dad, the colourful Wayne Walters.

  2. Good one Glen- I noted Belinda Carlile was riding (her father is a real character who plays bowls at our club and he reckons she will travel anywhere to ride horses)
    Yendall had a day out in Adelaide Sat with a double
    Good crowd there ?

  3. Ta Gents, that gives me some clarity.

    Oges this is my first knowledge of Belinda Carlile, the jockey, though the singer of the same name has been around for 30 + years.


  4. Belinda Carlile – can a young female jockey be a journeyman?

  5. Heather says

    Kate Walters has a baby girl, a couple of months old I think. That put a kink in her career, but she’s back now.

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