Answers to the Aus v NZ 2nd Test Quiz

The Almanac’s 2nd Test Match quiz received a trifling response, nonetheless we thank everyone who bothered. The winner was Myrtle Ford of Myrtleford. Congratulations Myrtle, a slightly less crappy effort than the 3 other entries. For the record, the answers were:

  1. False: The WACA was not designed by the World Association of Chinese Architects.   It was conceived by a sadist who as a child burned ants with a magnifying glass.
  2. D) The prize scalp was Chris Cairns (b Sasha Wass QC, 0)
  3. C) Brett Lee has the photographs. They came into his possession via Karl Stefanovic.  James Brayshaw holds the video.
  4. True: Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland was in fact sober when voicing support for beach cricket’s admission to the Olympic Games
  5. A) Australia won the toss and chose to batter
  6. False: Only New Zealand’s cricket team is 24 hours behind Perth time
  7. True: According to DRS, if 49% of a 160g ball travelling at 140km/h notionally strikes a 30g bail, said bail would not be dislodged
  8. False: @ratherbeatlunch is not Ian Smith’s twitter handle
  9. True: Mark Craig practices bowling between games
  10. road-1The WACA autobahn was white and gold, the dress was blue and black. There was more life in the dress.
  11. Correct: The WACA is scheduled for a new sight screen once the Sony Betamaxes have been replaced
  12. B) Usman Khawaja’s hamstrings are only tested for speeds below 15km/h
  13. Correct: Nine’s test match predictor is less worthwhile than a Twitter poll and only slightly more useful than tits on a bull
  14. True: Ticketed patrons exceeded the temperature on days 1, 2 and 3
  15. False: Channel 9 viewers were not polled on the Marshes being installed as WA’s royal family in the event of the state’s succession from Australia
  16. True: No Australians shook Ross Taylor’s hand after his record breaking 290 (to be fair his hand was really, really sweaty – like eww)
  17. Correct: the Nine commentators’ 20 minute confab re Australians going out for 99 at the WACA was worth it to see this again.
  18. True: Warner’s grouse at cricket
  19. False: Kookaburra has not replaced Slazenger as the official ball supplier for the 2016 Australian Open
  20. A) & B) 6000 is both the postcode for Perth and the minutes expended by Ian Chappell harping on captaincy this series
  21. B) Ian Smith is commentating for New Zealand
  22. True: Cricket Australia can confirm a new world attendance record was set for Australia v New Zealand test matches played at the WACA in 2015
  23. B) Proceeds go to the Jason Warne Foundation
  24. C) No Marsh averages above 33.18 in Tests
  25. True: Shaun Marsh is a monty for Adelaide
  26. C) Australia’s selectors picked one Mitch and one Josh too many
  27. Correct: Joe Burns would be better advised fighting Holly Holm in a UFC bout for three rounds than fielding short leg again
  28. D) Test cricket has been in crisis since 1895
  29. A) & B) Test cricket means everything and nothing, in the scheme of things


Apologies to John Clarke



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  1. Jeff,
    Brilliant stuff.
    If John Clarke agrees, I reckon we could turn this into a series.

  2. Thanks Smokie – happy to oblige.

    John Clarke won’t mind, being another one of those impossibly nice Kiwis and all.

  3. And btw, I’d never seen your pre-Ashes quiz answers. Great stuff! Great minds must…

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