Announcing the cover of The Eagles Almanac 2018

Presenting The Eagles Almanac 2018:




The art work is by Darren ‘DJ’ Williams. It’s great to have DJ involved.


The cover design is by John Kingsmill.


The book is at the printer and copies will be available from Dec 12 – the Melbourne launch is on Dec 12 at the North Fitzroy Arms. Details HERE

Apart from the match reports, the book features many terrific stories – with a distinctly West Australian flavour. There is a bit of the WA diaspora in it as well. Eagles fans (and footy fans) will relate to it. There are also some general pieces from the season (Dips O’Donnell on the state of the game for example).


You can order copies ($29.95 each) now:


(1) by EFT to Malarkey Publications (BSB: 633000 Acc: 154103428) and email us the postal address HERE


(2) through the Almanac Shop. CLICK HERE.


It’s a perfect gift for the Eagles’ fan – and the footy fan.



  1. Great cover. Really like it.

  2. Notice anything about the cover you Hercules Pirouet out there?
    Well done Darren.

  3. No. Do tell Citrus.

  4. Logo free?

  5. Or it should be Schofield breaking away from Sidebottom, not Shuey?

  6. Andrew Bruce says:

    Cover looks great. Perhaps a line of logo free merchandise would be a seller! Either Shuey or Scholfield on Sidebottom, to keep the alliteration mystique.

  7. Les Everett says:

    When will I wake from this nightmare?

  8. Citrus Bob says:

    McAlmanac and SuitMan
    it is correct logo free. Part of DJ’s persona and up to his usual wonderful standard.
    Les – only when P.Baulderstone loses his computer.

  9. A cracking cover

  10. Sean Brett says:

    Great cover, you’d said it would be good John not wrong!

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